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Credit Union SACTOWN Run Raises $216,500

Apr 10, 2024 09:39AM ● By California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues News Release
Participants get off to a good start at the Credit Union SACTOWN Run. Photo courtesy of California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues

SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - The Annual Credit Union SACTOWN Run took place Sunday, April 7, in Sacramento, raising more than $216,500 for 11 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN) and helping local kids throughout California and Nevada receive the medical care they need.

More than 2,000 runners participated in this year’s run, including 986 credit union employees and credit union members from across California and Nevada. The event — which started and ended on the Capitol Mall in front of the California State Capitol — featured a 10-mile race, 5K run/walk, and Miracle Mile.

The run was hosted by the Sacramento Running Association (SRA), a community-based nonprofit that promotes the sport of running in the greater Sacramento area, including the California International Marathon. It serves as the USA Track and Field’s Pacific Association 10-Mile Championship.

“Thanks to incredible partners like the Sacramento Running Association and generous sponsors, runners, and volunteers from California and Nevada, we are helping countless children at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals receive critical medical attention,” said Diana Dykstra, president and CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues (Ontario, CA). “Because of the amazing work of so many credit union movement supporters, we’re making a real difference for kids across both states. These funds directly support the CMN Hospital system, ensuring children and their families receive the best possible care and support. Thank you once again for creating even more miracles!”

John Pamer, chair of the Credit Union SACTOWN Run and CEO of Diablo Valley Federal Credit Union (Concord, CA), said credit unions are proud of the fact that the race has become a cherished rite of spring for everyone working in the movement across California and Nevada. “Seeing all of our fellow credit union employees and leaders come together to help raise money for children’s health is more inspiring each year,” Pamer said. “The $216,500 we raised this year — and the $2.7 million credit unions have raised since our movement joined the cause 13 years ago — brings healing and hope to patients and their families every day. Our movement’s annual participation illustrates the commitment of our credit unions and business partners to serving local communities every year since 2012.”

The Annual Credit Union SACTOWN Run wouldn’t be possible without the tireless efforts of credit union leaders and professionals from across California and Nevada.

California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues SACTOWN Run

 74 credit unions participated in the Credit Union SACTOWN Run. Photo courtesy of California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues

Joe Franklin, vice president of brand management and experiential engagement for PSCU/Co-op Solutions (Rancho Cucamonga, CA), expressed enthusiasm about each team’s unique participation. “Our teams eagerly anticipate the physical challenge of this special race each year while also supporting a cause that aligns with credit unions’ values,” Franklin said. “We all take pride in participating and supporting children and their families in local hospitals. We’re grateful for each team and every runner and volunteer, as their contribution truly makes a difference in the lives of these children and their families.”

Bill Cheney, chief executive officer of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union (Tustin, CA), said his credit union’s employees and volunteers, and so many others, believe in “people helping people” — and the annual race is just one more example of this unique philosophy. “I’m proud of our staff and their families who are running and volunteering with the credit union spirit to benefit the Credit Union SACTOWN Run,” Cheney said. “Thank you to every runner and volunteer for making a unique difference in the lives of others.”

Scott Abbott, executive director of the Sacramento Running Association (SRA), added: “In our continued effort to be a force for good in Sacramento, the SRA is proud to put on the Credit Union SACTOWN Run as part of such a magnanimous cause spearheaded by the philanthropic efforts of Credit Unions for Kids. We are excited to again bring some of the world’s best runners to the streets of Sacramento for what is a true ‘rite of spring’ running event in northern California.”

Credit Union SACTOWN Run Champions, Race Times, and Results
The following champions clocked the best times during the race:

-10-Mile Run Champion (men): Silas Frantz (San Luis Obispo, CA) — 47:44 (time); 4:46 (pace).
-10-Mile Run Champion (women): Cali Hauger-Thackery (Flagstaff, AZ) — 52:06 (time); 5:13 (pace).
-5K Run/Walk Champion (men): Anthony Mallory (Folsom, CA) — 16:18 (time); 5:14 (pace).
-5K Run/Walk Champion (women): Sara Wolf (Sacramento, CA) — 19:12 (time); 6:10 (pace).
-10-Mile ADA Accommodations Champion: Johnny Comilang (Sacramento, CA) — 1:38:21 (time); 9:50 (pace).

Keep an eye out for Calli Hauger-Thackery at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris this coming August! You can view 2024 overall race results. Additionally, all years’ results are on the SRA website.

Credit Union Participants: 74 Teams Support CMN Hospitals
The California and Nevada credit union movement played a big part in raising funds, with runners, walkers, and independent fundraisers hailing from 74 participating credit unions to support CMN hospitals this year (56 teams were from California and Nevada credit unions).

From teams with only a few individuals to larger groups sporting several dozen people, these California and Nevada credit unions included: Bay Federal Credit Union, BluPeak Credit Union, California Credit Union, Chevron Federal Credit Union, Compass Community Credit Union, County Schools Federal Credit Union, Chaffey Federal Credit Union, Diablo Valley Federal Credit Union, Educational Employees Credit Union, Excite Credit Union, First Tech Federal Credit Union, First US Community Credit Union, Firefighters First Credit Union, Golden 1 Credit Union, Heritage Community Credit Union, Kaiperm Credit Union, KeyPoint Credit Union, Kinecta Federal Credit Union, Kings Federal Credit Union, Mocse Credit Union, Modesto's First Federal Credit Union, Monterra Credit Union, OE Federal Credit Union, Organized Labor Credit Union, Pacific Postal Credit Union, Pacific Service Credit Union, Patelco Credit Union, Premier Community Credit Union, Premier America Credit Union, Provident Credit Union, Redwood Credit Union, SAFE Credit Union, Sacramento Credit Union, SafeAmerica Credit Union, SF Fire Credit Union, Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union, Santa Cruz Community Credit Union, Santa Rosa County Federal Credit Union, Schools Financial Credit Union, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, San Diego County Credit Union, Self Help Federal Credit Union, Sierra Central Credit Union, South Bay Credit Union, Southland Credit Union, Stanford Federal Credit Union, StarOne Credit Union, Technology Credit Union, Thinkwise Federal Credit Union, Travis Credit Union, Tucoemas Credit Union, Upward Credit Union, USC Credit Union, Valley Strong Credit Union, Wescom Credit Union, and Yolo Federal Credit Union.

Some of the largest teams with runners included Golden 1 Credit Union (273), Patelco Credit Union (141), SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union (140), SAFE Credit Union (114), Travis Credit Union (46), and Redwood Credit Union (46).

Sponsors: Superheros, Heros, Champions, Buddies, Friends, Pals
The Credit Union SACTOWN Run Committee would like to thank the following sponsors:

Two Superhero sponsors: PSCU/Co-op Solutions and the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.

10 Hero sponsors: First Tech Federal Credit Union, iHeartMedia, Golden 1 Credit Union, Monterra Credit Union, Patelco Credit Union, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, Travis Credit Union, TruStage, 92.5-The Breeze, and Valley Strong Federal Credit Union.

Seven Champion sponsors: California Credit Union, Origence, OE Federal Credit Union, Pacific Service Credit Union, Redwood Credit Union, South Bay Credit Union, and Wescom Credit Union.
Four Buddies sponsors: LBS Financial Credit Union, Provident Credit Union, SAFE Credit Union, and Sacramento Credit Union.

20 Friends sponsors: Bay Federal Credit Union, Boulder Dam Credit Union, BondStreet, Catalyst, Credit Union of Southern California, Clark County Credit Union, Desert Valleys Federal Credit Union, Diablo Valley Federal Credit Union, Eagle Community Credit Union, Elko Federal Credit Union, Fiserv, Financial Horizons Credit Union, Frontwave Credit Union, InterWest Insurance Services Inc., One Nevada Credit Union, Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union, TruEdge Builds, Upward Credit Union, UNCLE Credit Union, and USC Credit Union.

24 Pals sponsors: Antioch Community Federal Credit Union, CalCom Federal Credit Union, Cook Solutions Group, Delta Schools Federal Credit Union, Golden Valley Federal Credit Union, Inland Valley Federal Credit Union, Kaiperm Federal Credit Union, KeyPoint Credit Union, Mattel Federal Credit Union, McKesson and Healthcare Providers Federal Credit Union, Merced School Employees Federal Credit Union, NextBranch, Nikkei Credit Union, Muabuhay Credit Union, Organized Labor Credit Union, PremierAmerica Credit Union, PostCity Financial Credit Union, POLAM Federal Credit Union, SLO Credit Union, Stanford Federal Credit Union, SMW 104 Federal Credit Union, Siskiyou Central Credit Union, United Catholics Federal Credit Union, and UPS Employees Federal Credit Union.

CMN ‘Champion’: Shine Duby’s Story
Each year, CMN Hospitals across the United States identify a “champion” in their local community to represent kids treated at the local children’s hospital. This year’s champion is Shine Duby, a “miracle baby” who has beat all the odds through medical care and support, and who ran this year’s Miracle Mile!

His story is living proof of the survivability of individuals with Popliteal Pterygium Syndrome (PPS) — Bartsocas-Papas type. He’s a “shining” example of resilience in the face of adversity. Shine wouldn’t be where he is without this team at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. From the beginning, everyone supported him and always made his mother and family feel like he was cared for with loving attention and treatment. He’s now living his best life and representing CMN at UC Davis.

The Annual Credit Union SACTOWN Run is for kids like Shine and so many others across California and Nevada! Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s event.

Credit Union SACTOWN Run

 Participating runners prepare to start at the Credit Union SACTOWN Run. Photo courtesy of California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues