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Jemuel Johnson Shares Society's Wonders with Readers

Mar 12, 2024 12:45PM ● By Tamara Warta

Jemuel Johnson. Courtesy photo

SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - Sacramento author Jemuel Johnson’s new book, “21 Wonders (That You Don't Know),” tells the tale of influential figures that time has forgotten, including Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Banneker and John Brown.

Johnson also wrote the romance novel, “And The Tears Revived" in 2013, and a collection of suspense tales, “Needles" in 2021.

Now, he has added historical accounts, recognizing heroes of the past to his repertoire.

"21 Wonders (That You Don't Know)” revolves around 21 unsung revolutionaries of yesteryear.

“I'm essentially giving them their flowers. Isn't that a wonderful thing?" Johnson said.

He is proud to provide recognition to those who did not necessarily receive it in their lifetime or ever for that matter.

"Unfortunately, many figures of massive influence are relegated to the shadows of history or are eventually acknowledged 200 years later,” Johnson said. “Better late than never, I suppose."

A busy entertainment entrepreneur, the Arden-Arcade-based Johnson is a novelist and also a former TV host and producer of “Half Circle,” which broadcast on Comcast On Demand (Channel 17) from 2009 to 2014.

Johnson values his readers and tries to write with the knowledge that many don't have much spare time.  

“’Wonders'' is a book that can be finished within a week during someone's lunch breaks," Johnson said. "This book is for people who have a lust for life, who engage with nonfiction, love harrowing, inspirational and aspirational storytelling, and are honest with themselves that they don't read 500-page books anyway."

Jemuel Johnson’s latest book cover is shown here. Courtesy photo

Readers will find stories that tell the true struggles and dreams of each of the 21 individuals featured.

"I'm obsessed with people who have been through the fire for a desired result,” Johnson said. “I want people so badly to own and develop their gifts. These gifts are their upper hand in life. This is not taught in our schools in a dynamic way."

Outside of his creative endeavors, Johnson works in ride-sharing for both Uber and Lyft from 3 to 8 every morning for the past five years. The job includes airport drop offs, chatting with truck drivers and assisting those going to and from dialysis appointments.

The wide range of individuals that he interacts with daily serve as inspiration. Through these conversations, which include challenging circumstances such as dialysis treatments, Johnson receives inspiration by hearing and observing how everyone's life counts and the desire that others have to share their perspectives.

"It's an excellent way to meet new faces constantly in a private setting and receive massive amounts of information from people from all over the world,” Johnson said.

If you're a history buff, love inspirational stories or just want to support a local author, consider adding “21 Wonders (That You Don't Know)” to your reading list.

Johnson focuses on speciality sales and corporate bulk orders, and has a collaboration with Forever 21.

And if you run into Johnson himself around town, you’ll be able to land a signed copy of his latest venture.

"Catch me in traffic! I keep copies and a Sharpie on me at all times," said Johnson with great enthusiasm.

“21 Wonders (That You Don't Know)” can also be bought at, a marketplace for self-published books.