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“Rock ‘N Rodeo Express” entertain local wrasslin’ fans

Feb 23, 2024 07:36PM ● By John Hull, Citizen Sports Editor

Photo by John Hull

TMD, left, and his tag team partner, “Moonshine” Rex Calhoun meet with fans during intermission of Supreme Pro Wrestling’s event, “We Want The Smoke” on Feb. 18 in Elk Grove.

Elk Grove (MPG) - It’s the sport where fans and participants are all supposed to come unglued. It’s where the fan can holler all sorts of trash talk and finish it all off with a laugh or giggle. If they’re lucky, the participant will look right back at them and let them have it too, only to be greeted by other fans laughing and poking verbal jabs in the other direction.

It’s professional wrestling, Supreme Pro Wrestling-style.

No one in the stands gets ejected, suspended from school or barred for life. That’s because it’s all part of experience. The veteran wrestling fans, and there are many in chairs surrounding the ring, all have big grins on the face and enjoy the moment.

SPW’s monthly visit to Elk Grove at the hallowed indoor arena of Soccer World was Feb. 18 and the wrasslers did not disappoint once again. From the 360-pound Drake Frost to the 130-pound Anthony Nova, guys – and gals- of all sizes and shapes once again put on a show one that does some of the techniques of today’s pro wrestling mixed in with the holds and moves of old schoolers.

About 200 packed Soccer World this night to see some of the SPW regulars, such as the “Freak” Jeckles, Bad Boy Boyce LeGrand, the resident cutie Guapo Lupe, Madame Extreme Eliza Hammer, Jack Cartwheel and the metal mechanic Bobby Callahan. Opening the show was a well-traveled and very entertaining tag team of “Moonshine” Rex Calhoun and his partner, TMD. Together they are known as “The Rock and Rodeo Express.” 

The “Rock ‘N Rodeo Express” wrestling tag team make their entrance at the Supreme Pro Wrestling event on Feb. 18 in Elk Grove.


The pair travels just about every weekend throughout this region to wrestle amongst the many independent organizations spread out all over.

“In 2023 we were on a card somewhere every weekend except three weekends,” TMD said (These guys didn’t disclose their real names. In wrestling, you just don’t do that).

Their popularity keeps them on the road thanks to the not just their ring antics, but their almost constant exchange with the fans loaded with a humorous combination of insults and funny quips.

“We trained together in Los Angeles and as far as the name of the ‘Rock and Rodeo Express’ (Calhoun) came up with that,” TMD said.

“Of course, it’s a play off the ‘Rock and Roll Express’,” Calhoun explained. “And me being a former rodeo clown and him a TV rocker it made sense. I’d have to say wrestling is a bit tougher than wrangling bulls.”

The pair have wrestled as far away as Florida, but they are more frequently in wrestling cards in California.

“We are the tag (team) champs in three different companies,” TMD said. “It’s a little tricky. To get to the show you have to travel and to get home you have to travel. Being an indy wrestler at our level we’re gone all the time.” 

TMD of the “Rock ‘N Rodeo Express” has Sir Samarai in a submission hold during a tag team match in Elk Grove Feb. 18. It was a part of the Supreme Pro Wrestling event “We Want The Smoke.”


To describe their style of wrestling TMD said they use some of the ring techniques of wrestlers of the past.

“(Calhoun) has a little bit of Road Dog (Brian James) in him. I have a little Jimmy Garvin/Bret Harte in me and together we emulate Gangrel (David Heath),” he said. “Yeah, you take a little action of the past and make it your own.”

The Rock N Rodeo Express is booked solidly through June of this year and even will put on a show themselves in southern California later this year. But that isn’t all.

“We’ll produce another music video,” TMD said. “We have two music videos done already.”

They have their own You Tube channel with a music video with Scott Schwartz from “The Christmas Story.”

The pair is expected to return in March when the next SPW card comes to town on the 17th.