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100 Tutors to Be Hired to Serve SJUSD

Jul 12, 2022 12:00AM ● By By Thomas J. Sullivan

Teaching fellows will be serving transitional kindergarten (TK) through 8th grade students in the San Juan Unified School District. Photo courtesy of CTFF

100 Tutors to Be Hired to Serve SJUSD [3 Images] Click Any Image To Expand

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - California Teaching Fellows Foundation (CTFF), a 20-year, Fresno-based, non-profit foundation, new to the Sacramento area, is accepting applications through July to hire over 100 tutors to serve transitional kindergarten (TK) through 8th grade students in the San Juan Unified School District.

CTFF currently employs over 2,000 tutors as “teaching fellows” and currently serves over 300 school sites throughout California. New hires who will work in Sacramento County will start in August, said Jackie Moreno, CTFF marketing and development director.

“This new partnership will create academic support programs for students and educators in over 30 additional school sites in the San Juan Unified School District,” Moreno said.

“Our initial focus will be on schools serving students in Citrus Heights, Carmichael and Arden-Arcade,” she said. A complete list of participating schools in the district is still being compiled.

New teaching fellows who are offered a position by CTFF will have to submit Live Scan fingerprints and pass a background check, Moreno said. Teaching fellows will be paid $17 per hour, and paid bi-monthly, typically working between 20-25 hours at their school site. All will have access to in-house life coaching, paid training, and valuable school worksite experience, Moreno said.

“We encourage interested applicants to apply online at,” Moreno said. Upon completion of their initial application, a telephone or virtual interview is then scheduled.

Previous experience is not required as ongoing professional training and personal support is provided for new hires, according to CTFF.

“We’re looking to hire from a diverse pool of candidates who are genuinely passionate about teaching and helping students to succeed,” Moreno said. “CTFF also wants to encourage applicants from those just starting college who want to gain field experience in education leading towards a satisfying teaching career.”

New hires will also be provided with 40 hours of paid professional development coursework annually, allowing them to continually learn and improve their skills in areas like tutoring, classroom management, and creatively engaging students in learning activities.

The leadership of CTFF feels it has a critical role in helping to combat the ongoing teacher shortage crisis in California, by inspiring college students and others in career transition to pursue a career in education.

“CTFF is committed to developing future teachers and leaders who contribute to positive changes in the lives of students, their schools and their communities,” said Mike Snell, CEO of the California Teaching Fellows Foundation.

The foundation was initiated at Fresno State University’s Kremen School of Education and Human Development in 1999 to provide paid early field experience for future teachers which would enhance teacher preparation.

“The work of our “teaching fellows” is not only important to the students they work with, but also for their own personal and professional growth as they go on to pursue their own careers in education,” Snell said in a press release. ““I look forward to our partnership with the San Juan Unified School District.”

The San Juan Unified School District reports a student population of over 50,452 students, according to the district website. There are 67 schools in the district; 46 are elementary schools, 23 are middle schools, and 17 are high schools.

“San Juan Unified is excited to partner with California Teaching Fellows Foundation as we move to increase expanded learning opportunities for our highest-need students in the district,” said Dr. Debra Calvin, assistant superintendent of educational services at San Juan Unified.

San Juan’s “Bridges After-School/ASSETs” programs is also hiring part-time staff. This program also provides homework support, enrichment and pro-social recreation to approximately 3,000 district students, grades K-12, in 29 programs at 29 different school sites. Prospective applicants can call Kim Fields at the district office at (916) 971-5933 for more information.

“This new partnership (with CTFF) will strengthen the district’s capacity to provide additional access to safe and supportive enrichment programs for our students through the engagement of quality staff that represent the community and have a strong interest in careers in the education field,” Calvin said.

CTFF was founded in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) as a nonprofit as it grew to meet an increased number of requests from school districts throughout California for expanded learning support. CTFF now partners with over 50 school districts in California to staff programs at more than 300 K-12 school sites.

In its new partnership with the San Juan Unified School District, CTFF will soon be able to serve more than 30,000 K-12 students in the greater Citrus Heights, Carmichael and Arden Arcade area with supplemental classroom, after school and summer program instruction, tutoring and mentorship opportunities.

For more information on the California Teaching Fellows Foundation (CTFF), or to apply, visit or call (559) 224-9200.