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PBID Hails First Five Years

May 04, 2022 12:00AM ● By Story and photo by Susan Maxwell Skinner

"Bright Star" trophies were awarded by Carmichael Improvement District for business zone enhancement. Winning merchants and presenters included: Trung Lam of Carmichael Oaks Shopping Center (left); Warner Visage DDS of Marconi Dental; Supervisor Rich Desmond; PBID executive Rebekah Evans; PBID Chair Todd Andrews and Melissa and John Burgess from Crossroads Church.

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG) - A “State of the PBID” dinner last week marked five successful years for Carmichael’s Property and Business Improvement District. Almost 120 supporters packed the recital hall at Tim’s Music Store to celebrate.

The organization – among many similar entities in Sacramento "' was formed by main street businesses in 2017.

Carmichael district’s fiefdom extends through three miles of Fair Oaks Boulevard and surrounding streets. Commercial property owners are assessed to provide an annual PBID budget "' currently $500,000.  These funds beautify, improve safety and generally benefit merchant prosperity. County Supervisors last year voted for the organization to continue for a further 10 years.

The dinner feted businesspeople and honored three beautification projects: Carmichael Oaks Shopping Center’s new paint job; Crossroads Church’s re-invented landscaping; an amusing graphic by Marconi Dental Group that put a smile on a previously unsightly dumpster.

“This is your PBID,” Executive Director Rebekah Evans told supporters. “In our sixth year, we’ll carry on efforts to make Carmichael safe and invitingly clean. We’re accomplishing this with the focus of our contractors, joint law enforcement and our leaders. The results are all around us.”

Dinner speakers included County Supervisor Rich Desmond, District Attorney representative Thien Ho and business strategist John Kabateck. Supervisor Desmond said he considered the Carmichael organization most effective of all Sacramento County PBIDs.

“Nothing has turned the (Fair Oaks Boulevard) corridor around like the creation of this PBID,” he approved. “We’ve seen dramatic improvements. Celebrating this event is an honor for me.”

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