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Sentry Storage Gets Great Reviews and Impressions

Nov 06, 2020 12:00AM ● By By MaryAnne Povey

Gary and Sherri Blackwell have been in the storage business for over 20 years and hold Orangevale near and dear to their hearts. Photo by MaryAnne Povey

ORANGEVALE, CA (MPG) - When it comes to storage there are lots of places to consider around town, but one place stands out among the rest -- Sentry Storage, located at 9344 Greenback Lane in Orangevale. Their pride of ownership and stellar service is no doubt why they’ve been voted “Best of Orangevale” for three years in a row!

Sentry Storage, a longtime, family-owned business has been around for nearly 40 years with multiple locations. The Orangevale location is managed by husband and wife duo, Gary and Sherri Blackwell, who’ve been in the storage facility business since 1999. Their years of experience and understanding of image, security, and cleanliness, make them a dream team when it comes to running a top-rated storage facility. 

In 2015, when the then 86 year old manager of the Orangevale Sentry location decided to retire, the Blackwell’s jumped at the opportunity to take the reins and get back to the community they hold near and dear to their hearts. 

“We work well together,” Sherri laughed explaining the success of their working relationship, “We’re both Pisces! I handle the office/administrative side and Gary handles maintenance and security. It’s a great combo!”

It’s that combination and expertise along with caring and pride in their work that makes them a great team. The first step they took when taking over the storage facility was taking a hard look at how to improve the image since they know and understand the importance of a first impression.

“The owners of Sentry Storage care deeply about customer service and regularly re-invest in the property,” said Gary enthusiastically, “That makes our job a lot easier, when a place is clean and projects an image that it’s well cared for, safe and family friendly -- people notice.”

That’s probably why their online reviews are great and nearly all of the 900 units are filled. They currently have a waiting list to get in.

“We have the best clientele and many are repeat customers”, Gary beamed, “We take great pride in giving the best customer service and people know I am here to protect their property,” he added. 

They have strict hours of operation, 7 am - 7 pm and have a zero tolerance policy for trouble coming on the property.

On occasion, there are a few clients who don’t pay their bill or come back to get their property so those units go up for auction. I couldn’t help but ask if it’s anything like the reality show “Storage Wars”.

“Let me put it like this, we’ve never found a Picasso or a pot of gold, unlike the “fake” reality show,” Gary laughed, “More like Grandma’s dusty knick-knacks and stuff like that.”

Besides running the family friendly business, they also care about the wellness of the community and regularly donate to local fundraisers and support many non-profit organizations with their storage needs. They also love to participate in the Town Fair parade every year.

When asked about what they love most about Orangevale, they both chimed in saying, “It’s the best small hometown community. We love it here.”

To find out more about Sentry Storage, give them a call at 916.988.4466.