Editor's Note: A year ago today (Jan. 2, 2021) I finished compiling a list off the 20 outstanding athletes in Elk Grove (10 men and 10 women) who we all watched over the previous 10 years as they excelled in their sport. They were all just a notch (or two) about the rest of the crowd. Many went on to college or, in the case of a few, directly into the professional ranks of their sport.  I sat on this list never knowing that I'd ever post it anywhere. Now that I am back as Sports Editor of the Citizen, beginning a new year, I thought it would be good to honor these young people and congratulate them on their accomplishments.

Athletes of the Decade: 2011-2020


Danielle Henderson, Sheldon H.S., softball

Shea Moreno, Sheldon H.S., softball

Jordan Fines,  Sheldon H.S., softball

Maci Fines, Sheldon H.S., softball

Sara Fukushima, Sheldon H.S., softball

Kiannah Pierce, Sheldon H.S., softball

Shelby Wisdom, Elk Grove H.S., softball

Madison Wong, Elk Grove H.S., basketball

Mira Shulman, Elk Grove H.S., basketball

Courtney Cervellan, Franklin H.S., golf/softball

Tai McDonald, Sheldon H.S., track & field 


J.D. Davis, Elk Grove H.S., baseball/football

Dylan Carlson, Elk Grove H.S., baseball

Matt Manning, Sheldon H.S., baseball/basketball

Arik Armstead, Pleasant Grove H.S., football/basketball

Marquese Chriss, Pleasant Grove H.S., basketball

Ryan Robards, Elk Grove H.S., football/baseball

Nick Madrigal, Elk Grove H.S., baseball

Lefi Letuligasenoa, Elk Grove H.S., wrestling/football

Ryan Tellez, Elk Grove H.S., baseball

Jalen Saunders, Pleasant Grove H.S., football/track & field

Maclean Connor, Pleasant Grove H.S., track & field

Zach Larrier, Monterey Trail H.S., football/track & field

Robert Holt, Monterey Trail H.S., football

Elk Grove Athletes of the Decade: 2000-2010 


Jenna Alexander, Elk Grove H.S., softball/basketball

Courtney Allen, Elk Grove H.S., softball

Rachel Bryan, Laguna Creek H.S., track & field

Nikki Cinque, Sheldon H.S., softball

Jolene Henderson, Sheldon H.S., softball

Brynne Konkel, Franklin H.S., soccer

Stephanie Lopez, Elk Grove H.S., soccer

Ally Carda, Pleasant Grove H.S., softball

Lindsey Ziegenhirt, Sheldon H.S., softball

Amanda Fitzgerald-Buck, Elk Grove H.S., basketball/softball


Cody Allen, Elk Grove H.S., football/baseball

Ryan Coulson, Elk Grove H.S., football/wrestling

Alan Darlin, Laguna Creek H.S., football

Michael and John Drake, Elk Grove H.S., wrestling/baseball

David Hernandez, Elk Grove H.S., baseball

Tony Kays, Elk Grove H.S., football

Brad Kilby, Laguna Creek H.S., baseball

Spencer Levin, Elk Grove H.S., golf/baseball

Marlon Patterson, Franklin H.S., Track & Field

Jake Rodriguez, Elk Grove H.S., baseball/football

DeMarcus Nelson, Sheldon H.S., basketball

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John Hull came out of retirement in 2021 to return as the Citizen's Sports Editor. He started writing sports for the Citizen in Dec., 2007. Hull retired from teaching Mass Media/Journalism at Cosumnes River College and Luther Burbank H.S. in 2019.