Profit Brown

It was only fitting that Prophet Brown found out a particular piece of good news while he was in class with the people who have played alongside him over the last few years at Monterey Trail.

Brown, who plays football, basketball and runs track and field for the Mustangs, found out he had been chosen as an All-American in September and that he’d be one of a select few across the country who would normally play in the All-American Bowl, which won’t take place due to COVID-19 precautions.

“September they called me and let me know that I had been selected. And it was during my P.E. class,” Brown said by phone on Dec. 18.

The All-American Bowl features the top 100 high school senior football players in the country and was created in 2000 as the first high school all-star game on a national level, according to NBC Sports, which owns the All-American Bowl.

Alumni include Odell Beckham Jr., Ezekiel Elliot and Tim Tebow. The game normally takes place at the Alamodome.

NBC Sports has been airing episodes of the ‘Road to the Dome’ on YouTube the feature jersey unboxings and interviews with players and their families; last week, Brown was featured and a video that he and his family recorded for the episode showed the senior putting on his cap and All-American shirt with a smile on his face.

“It’s an amazing feeling. I play with that mindset that I’m the best. It motivates me to keep going,” Brown said on his reaction to being selected.

Brown, who will be headed to USC on scholarship next year, was one of two USC commits featured in the video. Being part of the same group has encouraged him to communicate with some of his fellow All-Americans, he said.

“I keep in contact with a lot of the 2020 recruits. It’s pretty cool to share that honor.”

In 12 games as a junior, Brown rushed for 779 yards and 11 touchdowns and had 343 receiving yards and five touchdown receptions.

Although the past year has seen times where the Mustangs are able to work out and others where restrictions limit them to home workouts like teams across the area, Brown has seen the positive part of working and studying at home.

“It’s been alright. It hasn’t been too bad,” Brown said of distance learning. “I’ve actually liked some parts of it. You have more freedom to do stuff at home. Basically they’re more lenient with the due dates and stuff.”

Football is currently not on pace to compete anytime soon as the earliest games are scheduled to take place on Jan. 25 at the earliest.

As of last week, the Mustangs weren’t able to work out together but Brown said he is doing what he needs to stay prepared for an upcoming season.

“We were still getting workouts in. I just focused on myself and my skill. A lot of home workouts to keep me in shape,” Brown said.

The All-American Bowl is continuing to air “Road to the Dome” episodes that introduce new sets of players from the 2021 roster on YouTube, and the All-American Bowl: Declaration Day special will be featured Jan. 2 on NBC.