2020 Laguna Creek Gator Swim Team Open House/Registration Night

The Laguna Creek Gators are having their open house on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Laguna Creek Sports Club. No reservation is required and the open house is open to non-swimmers and swimmers of all abilities. The Gators program offers an economical way (less than $300 for April – July) for children (3 -18) to spend the summer in a fun, family oriented environment. Our program encourages a healthy relationship between parents, athletes, and coaches.

We provide all swimmers an opportunity to achieve excellence in swimming through an enjoyable, educational, and social experience, preparing them for success in life’s endeavors.  The club also offers other camps, childcare, computer, etc opportunities. In the past few years alone, Gator athletes have gone on to Stanford, Pepperdine, USC, Brown, Cal Maritime, Cal Poly SLO, and most of the colleges in the UC system.

Those interested can contact Coach Joe with any questions at joeledoux@yahoo.com.