Arthur C. Butler Elementary School in Elk Grove is the winner of a $25,000 Youth Assist Tracker STEAM grant from State Farm, NBA Cares and the Chris Paul Family Foundation. State Farm and NBA Cares teamed up again this year to donate $5 for every on court NBA assist made this past season. Acting in the spirit of Neighborhood of Good®, this year’s funds are being used to make a difference in middle schools and other organizations in selected markets across the U.S. that support STEAM programs through the Youth Assist Tracker Challenge.

Working with Learn Fresh, students were provided STEAM lessons/community learning as well as an opportunity to win STEAM education grants to help bring a STEAM project to life. “The grant will help fund a new smart board and tablets that will integrate with the smart board for students to be actively engaged in their lessons.”

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process.

For the past three seasons, State Farm, the NBA, and the Chris Paul Family Foundation have partnered to use the context of basketball assists on the court to fund community assists off the court.