It was one of their regular fundraisers that raised money for team necessities, but after hearing about victims of the Butte County fires, the Elk Grove Aquatics Club decided the needs of people it had never met outweighed their own.

The club, which had a team fundraiser scheduled at Chipotle on Nov. 13, is donating 33% of all receipts that were tied to the fundraiser to an agency in Butte County for fire relief, according to the club’s board president Phuong Nguyen.

The club ended up raising $539 for the North Valley Community Foundation Campfire Relief Fund, which is being raised through NVCF, an organization out of Chico that “brings together diverse groups of problem-solvers, mobilizes resources and equips community leaders,” according to the NVCF website.

“It’s something we do every couple of months, we’ll pick a restaurant to do a fundraiser, but once we saw what the state was dealing with, it was just the least we could do to help out in our own little way,” EGAC coach Nolan Rogers said on Nov. 21.

The money is normally raised for the aquatic club’s pool rental and equipment, Rogers said.

“Our biggest cost is pool rental time,” Rogers said.

The team raises money throughout the season so and had enough to use for any upcoming expenses, so the donation didn’t hurt the team at all financially. After the board came up with the idea to donate to fire victims, they had swimmers’ support.

“It was really nice because it’s sad that people have their houses burned down and they don’t have anything to help them,” said Annie Lam.

“It helped people because some people don’t have insurance to build up their homes again so it made us feel good by giving back,” said Mia Hill.

The EGAC has anywhere between 90 and 120 kids a year competing, according to Rogers, and its older swimmers practice nine times a week.

Board decisions in the past have been met by a supportive cast of parents, and it is the support of its club parents that allowed the club to contribute to fire relief.

“The amount raised isn’t a phenomenal number, but I think if everybody can do a little bit, eventually it adds up,” Rogers said.

The club, which Rogers estimated has been around about 30 years, practices at Cosumnes River College and a large number of kids make it all nine practices each week, he noted.

“We have a great group of motivated, goal-oriented kids,” said Rogers.

The club is currently training for its next meet, which will be held in early December at Sac City.