Updated: A freight train fatally struck a bicyclist on Bond Road during the late afternoon of Aug. 19. The Elk Grove police reported that the train operator sounded a horn to alert him before the collision. 

Sacramento County coroners identified the victim as Dale Pyefinch, 23. 

This incident happened around 5:15 p.m. at Bond Road, east of Elk Grove-Florin Road, in central Elk Grove. 

Police spokesperson Jason Jimenez said that the bicyclist was traveling on eastbound Bond Road when he arrived at the railroad tracks. He reported that the railroad crossing’s lights and crossing arms were activated for the approaching train. Witnesses reportedly said that drivers saw the bicyclist and honked to get him to halt. 

Jimenez said that the northbound train could not stop in time and it fatally struck the bicyclist. 

The police’s traffic bureau is now investigating the incident.