‘Time of Remembrance’ is annual historical program for EGUSD

Marielle Tsukamoto, retired Elk Grove Unified School District principal and very active in the “Time of Remembrance” program, brought some of those historians that work with the showing of the ‘Time of Remembrance’ in Sacramento. Pictured are Angelina McKinney, the California Museum manager; Christine Umeda, the chair of the Northern California Time of Remembrance committee; Stan Umeda of the Florin JACL and Marielle Tsukamoto.

At the May 26 Elk Grove Unified School District board meeting, the board heard a presentation by Marielle Tsukamoto on the “Time of Remembrance” exhibit at the California History Museum. 

Since 1984, the EGUSD Board of Education has annually approved a resolution affirming the study of the internment of Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution. This year, the Governing Board of the Elk Grove Unified School District affirmed Jan. 7, 2014 as the annual Day of Remembrance.

The Time of Remembrance program was held from Jan. 30 to March 23, 2012 at the California Museum of History, Women and the Arts. Fifth grade students and their teachers had the opportunity to attend this unique living history experience. Our students learned about the Japanese internment and about the rights denied to U.S. citizens during World War II.

“Marielle Tsukamoto, the Florin, Lodi, Placer County and Sacramento chapters of the Japanese American Citizens League and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, have worked tirelessly over the years to assure that this exceptional history event continues for our fifth grade students,” said Donna Cherry, associate superintendent for elementary education.

Tsukamoto introduced some of the members who participated recently in the “Time of Remembrance” at the California Museum of History.

Marielle Tsukamoto’s parents, Mary and Al Tsukamoto, were key players in presenting the original exhibit that was on display at local schools before being moved to the Museum of History in Sacramento.