Megan Hawkins

The Elk Grove police on May 17 arrested a 29-year-old suspect who was recently featured in a Netflix documentary program about jail inmates.

Sacramento resident Megan Hawkins, nicknamed “Monster,” is accused of possessing a stolen vehicle and stolen credit cards. A witness recognized her from the show, “Jailbirds” when the suspect allegedly tried to open a fraudulent bank account in Elk Grove, authorities reported.

Hawkins is distinguished with a large tattoo above an eyebrow that reads, “monster,” and a tattoo that spells, “immortal” across her knuckles on both hands.

She was interviewed about her experiences in the premier season of “Jailbirds,” which focuses on inmates at the Sacramento County Main Jail and the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center.

Hawkins was arrested the week after she was sentenced on May 8 in the Sacramento Superior Court to five years of probation. She pleaded no contest to vehicle theft charges, according to court records.

Elk Grove police reported that around 5:45 p.m. on May 17, the suspect visited a bank on the 9100 block of Bruceville Road in the East Franklin area. Police spokesperson Jason Jimenez declined to release the bank’s name.

Bank staff contacted the police after Hawkins allegedly attempted to open a fraudulent account before walking away from the scene. Jimenez said that officers arrived and discovered that she drove a vehicle that was reported stolen. They learned she was on probation and then discovered credit cards that had different people’s names in the car.

Officers contacted and detained Hawkins near the bank. They also found heroin and counterfeit money during a search of her, Jimenez said.

The suspect was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail. She faces vehicle theft, forgery, identity theft, drug, and probation violation charges. Hawkins was scheduled to undergo a bail review hearing at the Sacramento Superior Court on May 23, after press time.

In “Jailbirds,” Hawkins recalls her life of working as a tattoo artist in New York while hustling on the side. She has a criminal history in Sacramento County that includes convictions for theft and drug charges during the past two years, according to jail records.