Elk Grove mayoral candidate Bobbie Singh-Allen 

Updated, Nov. 5: In her bid to unseat Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly in the city’s mayoral election, Bobbie Singh-Allen held an 11% advantage over Ly.

As of press time, Singh Allen, who currently serves on the Elk Grove Unified School District board, had 46% of the votes, while Ly trailed with 35% of the votes.

Brian Pastor, a first-time political candidate, held the third-place position with 17% of the votes.

During election night, Singh-Allen thanked her supporters through a video posted on her campaign’s Facebook page.

“I’m truly humbled by all of the support, the outpouring of support that I have received over the last 90 days,” she said on the video. “Thank you, Elk Grove. I hope to make you proud.”

Singh-Allen also referred to the election as “hardfought,” and she acknowledged those who assisted her campaign by voting for her, walking precincts, and phone banking.

“Without you, we couldn’t have gotten to this stage,” she said.

Singh-Allen did not declare victory in the election, and she noted that “the numbers are not final yet.”

Ly, who is seeking his third term as the city’s mayor, also told the Citizen that it was too early to determine the election’s final outcome.

“So far, it’s indicative of what the voters would like and obviously there are a lot of votes that are still out, but we shall see as the count continues,” he said during the late evening of Nov. 3.

Janna Haynes, a spokesperson for Sacramento County’s elections office, announced on Nov. 4 that the county elections staff still had a high volume of ballots left to count in races across Sacramento County. She said they will not have the final election results for at least two weeks.

Elk Grove’s 2020 mayoral race drew a lot of attention, as several local women, including Singh-Allen, alleged that supporters or associates of Ly harassed them over the past few years.

Ly, who denied these claims, said that he was disappointed by the “negative campaigning” in the mayoral race.

“I think that Elk Grove is better than negative campaigning,” he said. “What we saw in this last election is not what Elk Grove deserves.”

The mayor further criticized the personal attacks that occurred during the mayoral election.

“Whenever I run for office, it’s always been about the positives and the issues that are at hand, not name-calling or mudslinging,” he said.

Asked what he is most proud of during his time as mayor, Ly said that it is the satisfaction of being able to help those who need assistance.

He mentioned that he is prepared to move forward with his life, whether he is elected to a third term or voters elect his successor.

“The most important part is that it’s the will of the people,” he said. “They speak and we follow what they wish.”

Ly shared his plans if he does not win the election.

“That would allow me to pursue some other adventures that I’ve always set my eyes on,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to explore practicing law, which I’ve never had the opportunity to do so, as well as spending more time with my family.

“I’ve spent eight years serving the community of Elk Grove and the city of Elk Grove, and that’s a record of which I’m proud of.”

In the event that Ly is able to overcome his deficit in the election and emerge the winner, he noted that he has plans to keep the “promises (he) made to the community.”

He described those promises as bringing health care and more jobs to the city and ensuring that Elk Grove “continues to be safe.”

The mayor also spoke about the importance for Elk Grove to continue working on its economic recovery as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

“This pandemic is not going away,” he said. “It will continue to plague us for probably years to come. We have no vaccine in sight. We have no clear, definitive indication of what a recovery looks like. If given the opportunity to continue, that’s one thing I’ll be laser focused on.”

If Singh-Allen is elected mayor, Ly said that he will continue to be a figure in the community.

“Even if I return to private life, I don’t leave the stage,” he said. “I will continue to be an advocate for those overlooked and underserved.”

Pastor could not be reached for comment, as of press time.

Mayoral Election results

*Reporting as of 12 a.m., Nov. 4

Bobbie Singh-Allen- 20, 216 votes 46%

Steve Ly 15,159 votes 35%

Brian Pastor 7,707 votes 17%

Source: Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections Office