The sun was out and the pools were open for kids to take a dip and pick up a pumpkin when the 6th annual Pool of Pumpkins took place on Oct. 19 at Elk Grove’s Wackford Aquatics Complex.

Local parks provider Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) had made this a fall tradition, as it’s considered a “last hurrah” for the swim season as kids get into a heated pool in the middle of October.

Teri DeRosier, the supervisor in aquatics, noted that throughout the years, the number of attendees had increased the previous year had 600 people attending the event, due to it “being warmer than it was this year.”

One new feature was the Pumpkin Launch that took place in the athletic pool.

“Ever since I started working here, at my previous employment I didn’t have the opportunity to a floating pumpkin patch,” DeRosier said. “So, it’s just really neat that pumpkins float and the kids really enjoy it. It’s just a fun fall festive event that the community can come and enjoy for free.”

One of the activities that kids can participate in was decorating pumpkins. Sarah Gambrill, assistant pool manager, said that this event was different than “your usual pumpkin patch,” as it was warm in the middle of October in this area.

When people pick out their pumpkins, the kids can come over and decorate them, with items ranging from stickers, googly-eyes, markers and glitter. Gambrill noted that it’s different from carving a pumpkin, though the kids have the freedom to carve when they take it home.

Recreation Specialist Cindy Ralston, who handled duties for the event’s raffle, noted that the winners of it can win season passes at the aquatics center for the following summer, as well as passes for two to play golf at the Emerald Lakes Golf Course. The other winning opportunity was a chance to spend a week at sports camp.

“Come out to the CSD, we have lots of fun events,” Ralston said. “We have great classes and a lot of opportunities for families to play together.”

For Sacha Hall, this event was “better than going to a dusty, dirty hay place,” as well as that it was still warm. Though she and her children like both this event and a pumpkin patch, the kids still get to swim any chance they get.

Hall’s friend and coworker Lindsey Valdez felt that there was less advertising this year. Hall had noted that she found out about this event two years prior through word of mouth, but Valdez said her friend had told her about it, which got her to come along.

Word of mouth had also affected Raquel Gibbs, who attended the event with her husband and son. With this being their second time, she had also invited some relatives, as well as friends to come out to this event.

“I wish every kid would have the opportunity to come here and experience this at least one time,” Gibbs said. “This is amazing.