The Elk Grove Planning Commission on Aug. 1 supported a rezoning of a 3-acre property for 21 single-family homes at 8965 Brown Road, east of Elk Grove-Florin Road and south of Calvine Road.

This site, which has no structures or trees, currently has an agricultural-residential zoning.

For the proposed project to become a reality, the Elk Grove City Council would need to approve a change in that zoning to low-density residential development zoning for seven dwellings per acre. The council will consider this proposal for approval or denial on Aug. 28.

The proposed project site is bordered by commercial uses to the north and west and large-lot, single-family, residential properties to the east and south.

Included in the proposal is a plan for the construction of a residential cul-de-sac that would serve the 21 homes.

Paul Pannu, managing member of the 1-year-old Heartstone real estate development company, said that the project would be his company’s first property development.

The proposed project evolved from Pannu and his wife’s search to build a home for themselves and their children somewhere in the Sacramento region.

During that search, Pannu and his wife became interested in the 3-acre Elk Grove property.

He mentioned that he and his friend, Elk Grove resident R.J. Singh, later agreed that the property would be better suited for a larger development.

As business partners, Pannu and Singh purchased the property last August and began their pursuit of developing the property.

Pannu described the proposed homes, which he projected would sell for about $400,000 each.

“They’re all going to be single-story, they’ll all have a two-car garage, they’re all two-bedroom, three-bathroom,” he said. “We have one option for the larger (homes, with) a possible fourth bedroom or a den.”

He added that the proposed homes have three designs, ranging in sizes from 1,800 to 2,200 square feet.

“(There are) choices of three sizes and within each of those (sizes), there’s going to be three elevations,” he said. “So, there are nine (choices), really, to choose from.”

Although Pannu’s original plan for the property changed, he said that he still considers living in a home on the 3-acre Elk Grove property.

“One of the larger lots, I would love to have one of those and have my home be there,” he said. “How ideal would that be if I could become part of the community that I helped build? I would be ecstatic and my wife would be very happy about that.”

During a discussion in the meeting regarding a possible connection from the proposed development to the nearby Lakemont Drive, Pannu initially noted that he was not completely opposed to that idea.

“There’s a lot of thought put into the current layout and design, and ideally we would like to proceed with what we’ve presented (regarding the cul-de-sac plan),” he said. “But, again we are being open minded to (the connection proposal).”

Commissioner Frank Maita told Pannu that he recognizes that without that connection, there is the potential of having four consecutive cul-de-sacs in the future.

“I find (four consecutive cul-de-sacs) not particularly acceptable,” he said.

Maita added that connectivity could be advantageous in relation to safety reasons.

Chair Mackenzie Wieser supported Maita’s feelings on that issue.

“Connectivity is massively important to me,” she said.

Responding to those comments, Pannu stressed that an assumption was being made that nearby properties were going to become development projects in the future.

Maita told Pannu that he believes that those properties will be developed.

“How soon is another story,” he said.

Ultimately, the developer agreed that he would support connectivity to the proposed cul-de-sac.

The commission supported the project, with the amendment of the proposed connectivity to the development.

Pannu told the Citizen that if the council approves the project and it can move forward without any major delays, homes on the property could be ready for occupancy by next summer.