Recently appointed Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Oscar O'con (right) with Elk Grove City Council Member Sergio Robles. 

Oscar O’con, who has a longtime record of community service in Elk Grove, was appointed to fill the lone, vacant seat on the Elk Grove Planning Commission on Jan. 11. 

That vacancy was created last month when former Planning Commissioner Sergio Robles was elected to the Elk Grove City Council.

O’con was the City Council's unanimous choice to fill the Planning Commission vacancy, based on his commitment to supporting his community in various ways for decades.

In addressing the council, O’con spoke about his community service.

 “In the 20 years-plus that I lived here in Elk Grove, I’ve been on the board of the Elk Grove Chamber (of Commerce) twice and the chairman of the board in 2018, and (from) 2009-2012 on the board of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber (of Commerce).

“Fifteen years ago, I founded and still chair the Elk Grove Regional Veterans Memorial here in town. It’s at the Elk Grove Park, and I raised close to $400,000.”

O’con also mentioned that he is a member of American Legion Post 55, a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Laguna Sunrise, and the vice president of the Cosumnes Legacy Foundation.

His community service has also included serving as the president of the Rotary Club of Elk Grove.

Council Member Rod Brewer said that he was impressed with O’con’s many years of commitment to bettering his city.

“(O’con is) always on the move, and always inquiring, always searching for the truth, and always looking for clarity in doing what’s right for Elk Grove,” he said. “No matter what capacity Oscar has been in, he has displayed that.”

“And so, I’m definitely very, very pleased that Oscar has put his hat in the ring, and I would be more than happy to support him in filling this role on the Planning Commission.”

Robles also expressed his support for O’con to fill his former Planning Commission seat.

“Thank you for your commitment to our city, to our state and to our nation,” he said. “Thank you for the sacrifices that you’ve done. And I’m excited to see what you’re going to be doing on the Planning Commission.”