camera trailer

The Elk Grove police in 2017 installed a security camera trailer near the Demonte Way house owned by Kiran Rawat and Raghvendra Singh, due to nuisance complaints.

A Sacramento Superior Court jury on Feb. 10 found an Elk Grove rental property owner guilty of forging legal documents and engaging in a criminal conspiracy with his wife.

Raghvendra Singh and Kiran Rawat owned rental houses that drew public nuisance complaints from neighbors.

The couple owned a notorious house at Elk Grove’s Demonte Way where the Elk Grove police reportedly received more than 100 complaint calls for matters such as suspected gunfire, domestic violence, and illegal drug activity.

The police installed a security camera trailer near the house to monitor activities during the summer of 2017.

Singh reportedly countered protesting neighbors by naming them in civil lawsuits, but without serving them a court summons or complaint. In one case, an Elk Grove neighborhood watch commander was named in a $90 million lawsuit, but he was never served that complaint.

“So when the case came up for hearing, (Singh) received a default judgement against the victim for the 90 million dollars,” the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office noted in a press statement.

Singh now faces up to 13 years in state prison after being found guilty of 14 counts of felony filing false or forged documents, and two counts of felony conspiracy to commit a crime. Authorities stated that the conspiracy charges were filed against him for filing false grant deeds in order to drop his ownership of two properties that attracted nuisance complaints.

Last year, county prosecutors charged Singh and Rawat with fraud after they reportedly deeded their house to a fictitious person before their civil trial for the city of Elk Grove’s lawsuit was to begin.

The city of Elk Grove in 2017 filed a successful civil lawsuit against Rawat regarding her Demonte Way house’s problems. City staff noted that an Elk Grove Animal Services Officer visited the home and found eight adults, seven children, and eight dogs living there.

Last May, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Thadd Blizzard ruled the house to be a public nuisance and he ordered Rawat to immediately repair the property, end the nuisance issues, and to limit tenants to no more than six residents.

A few months later, all of the Demonte Way house’s tenants moved out. Nathan Campion, a member of the local neighborhood’s watch group thanked the Elk Grove City Council for their support at their Sept. 11 meeting.

“This is a perfect example of you being our eyes and years, and working with the city to be able to accomplish a common goal,” Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly told the watch group members.

Elk Grove City Attorney Jon Hobbs served as a witness in the recent criminal trial of Singh.

“The city is pleased with the result and we believe that justice has been done,” he told the Citizen about the Feb. 10 conviction.

Singh will be sentenced on March 13 at the Sacramento Superior Court. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office announced that Rawat entered in to a plea agreement with prosecutors and she will be sentenced to 60 days in jail on March 6. She reportedly agreed to place seven of her properties into receivership and to work with their sale to legitimate owners.