Nguyen and Cooper

Assembly candidate Stephanie Nguyen with outgoing Assembly Member Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove, at Nguyen's Election Night party. She declared victory this week and will succeed Cooper who was elected Sacramento County sheriff. 

Democrat and Elk Grove City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen announced on Nov. 17 that she won the election for California State Assembly’s District 10 seat. On her campaign’s Facebook page, Nguyen posted that her Democratic opponent, Eric Guerra, conceded the race.

The latest returns from the Sacramento County Elections office showed Nguyen with almost a 7,000-vote advantage over Guerra, a Sacramento City Council member. In tallies posted on Nov. 18, Nguyen had 54% of the votes (43,662 votes) to Guerra’s 45% (36,802 votes) in the District 10 race to succeed Jim Cooper who was elected to be the Sacramento County sheriff this June.

Sergio Robles is expected to be Nguyen’s successor in the Elk Grove City Council’s District 4 seat after he won the Council race in November.

“We are now one step closer to building a Sacramento for All,” Nguyen posted on Facebook. ”When we began our campaign, people questioned our viability and strength of campaign. During the Primary Election, corporate interests spent thousands of dollars to defeat our campaign. They thought they could buy the election by attacking our campaign. Despite their efforts, we won first place.”

Nguyen was appointed to the Elk Grove City Council in 2017 after her predecessor Steve Ly was elected mayor. In 2018, she defeated Orlando Fuentes for a four-year term to represent the city’s District 4.

“When I announced my candidacy, I knew I would have to “run” a campaign to win,” she posted in announcing her victory for the State Assembly seat. “What I didn’t know was how people would respond. From the very beginning this campaign has been a grassroots effort from our community and for our community.”

In the other legislative race to represent the Elk Grove, Angelique Ashby continues to lead Dave Jones for the State Senate’s District 8 seat. Ashby has 51% of the vote to Jones’ 48%, or a difference of about 3400 votes. Ashby has 82,298 votes to Jones’ 78,891.

“Happy to remain in the lead and looking forward to the remaining votes being tallied,” Ashby texted the Citizen on Nov. 18.

Ashby is the vice mayor of Sacramento, representing the Natomas area of that city. Jones is a former Assemblyman and, more recently, the state’s Insurance Commissioner.

The winner will succeed State Sen. Dr. Richard Pan who reached his term limit in the Senate.