The Capital SouthEast Connector Joint Powers Authority (JPA) recently announced that it has secured $20 million in state grant funding for the connector project – a future, 34-mile expressway from Interstate 5, south of Elk Grove, to Highway 50 at the new Silva Valley Parkway interchange, near El Dorado Hills.

The funds will be made available for the project on July 1, 2019, through Senate Bill 1, following efforts by the California Transportation Commission’s Local Partnership Program.

Assemblymember Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove, last month announced that he helped secure the project funding

Half of the funding will be used for two construction projects in the Elk Grove area.

In late 2019 or early 2020, $7 million of the recently secured funds will begin to be used for an expansion of Grant Line Road, between Waterman and Bradshaw roads. The project will widen the 1.4-mile section of Grant Line Road from two to four lanes.

A bicycle path will be added along the route, and a new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Grant Line and Bradshaw roads.

Derek Minnema, executive director of the JPA, commented on the necessity of the improvements.

“These are much needed improvements, not only from congestion and traffic operations, but also safety,” he said. “Right now, we know that there is a collision hot spot along Grant Line (Road) in this area, and so safety improvements are key.”

Minnema noted that the overall construction cost of the Grant Line Road project will be about $14 million, money that will come from various sources.

“We have a little bit of the transportation sales tax, which is Measure A,” he said. “We’ve got what’s known as transportation impact improvement funds, and that’s from (the Sacramento Area Council of Governments). And then we’ve got local development impact fees. So, it’s kind of a mixture of funds.”

The Grant Line Road project will have other costs, including right-of-way acquisition and project design. Minnema estimates that these additional costs will total about $2 million

Three million dollars will also be spent reconstructing Kammerer Road, between Lent Ranch Parkway and Big Horn Boulevard.

“This is a portion of the road that has been closed in the winter for flooding purposes,” Minnema said. “It’s got poor drainage and poor asphalt. It’s kind of dilapidated. So, we’re going to be reconstructing Kammerer Road as part of the Connector project for that short stretch.”

Minnema added that the overall cost of the Kammerer Road improvements will be $8.4 million. He noted that $5.4 million of the total will come from the city.

Minnema said he appreciates the investment in the project.

“I’m extremely encouraged by the investment that the state has given us,” he said. “It comes on the heels of just being ranked the No. 1 transportation funding priority at (the Sacramento Transportation Authority). We’re grateful and we’re putting this money to work as soon as we can.”