Road improvement project

The Elk Grove-Florin Road improvement project is divided into three sections, with separate construction timelines.

The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) announced their 2019 funding award allocations, which includes $3 million to the city of Elk Grove for a major street improvement project along Elk Grove-Florin Road.

That project consists of pavement resurfacing; closing sidewalk gaps; upgrading Americans with Disabilities Act curb ramps; adding bicycle lanes and routes; and improving existing traffic signal equipment.

Elk Grove Boulevard

to Calvine Road

This $3.8 million project is one section of a three-section construction project along Elk Grove-Florin Road, from Elk Grove Boulevard to Calvine Road. Each of those sections has a separate construction timeline.

The 4.5-mile project aims to make travel smoother and safer for cars, bikes and pedestrians.

Kevin Bewsey, Capital Program Division manager with the city, said the grant allows the city to extend the project, which he noted already had funding for the street segment from Elk Grove Boulevard to East Stockton Boulevard.

“We didn’t have grant funding for (the corridor section) all the way up to Calvine (Road),” he said. “We got money (for the other sections of the project), previously. We’re currently working on the design portion of the project from Elk Grove Boulevard down to East Stockton (Boulevard).”

Bewsey noted that the city determined that the Elk Grove-Florin Road project presented the city’s greatest need, in terms of road improvement projects.

Elk Grove-Florin Road has “both a low pavement condition and a high traffic volume,” he said. “So, that kind of generated why, from a pavement standpoint, we’re going to try to get that addressed earlier, rather than later.”

Grant funding for this section of the project will be available in October 2020, and construction is planned for the summer of 2023.

The other two sections of the Elk Grove-Florin Road improvement project are described as follows:

East Stockton Boulevard and Valley Oak Lane

Grant funding for the section of Elk Grove-Florin Road near East Stockton Boulevard and Valley Oak Lane was awarded in 2017 in the amount of $814,000. The overall cost of that project is $1.6 million.

This portion of the overall project will eliminate sidewalk gaps along the east side of Elk Grove-Florin Road, and improve ADA accessibility and bicycle and pedestrian crossings.

Construction along this section of Elk Grove-Florin Road is currently scheduled to occur during the fall of 2020.

Valley Oak Lane to Elk Grove Boulevard

The section of the project from Valley Oak Lane to Elk Grove Boulevard has a total cost of $920,000, and the city was awarded $288,000 in grant funding for this section in 2015.

The project consists of resurfacing pavement on Elk Grove-Florin Road, adding bike lanes, a mid-block pedestrian crossing and a new sidewalk along one portion of the west side of Waterman Road.

Construction on this section of the overall project is planned for the summer of 2021.

Bewsey noted that construction on each of the three sections of this 4.5-mile segment of Elk Grove-Florin Road will take about two or three months to complete.