The Capital Region’s Chambers of Commerce on May 5 announced their efforts to support and advocate for the needs of their members during the novel cornavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Local chambers of commerce, including the Elk Grove Chamber, are working together to implement tools and resources to aid businesses in the navigation of many complex resources available to them.

One of the ways that these chambers of commerce are assisting their members is through the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce’s Rapid Response web resource, which can be accessed at

Another resource for members is the Rapid Response Business Triage Hotline, which can be reached at (833) 391-1919.

Through these tools, businesses that have been impacted by this pandemic can navigate local, state and federal resources that are available to them.

Angela Perry, President/CEO of the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce, spoke on the importance of this chamber collaboration.

“The Elk Grove Chamber’s mission to grow and advocate for the economic vitality and prosperity of our members and the Elk Grove community has never been more important,” she said. “With this collaborative effort, regional chambers draw from each others’ strengths and pool our resources for the benefit of the business community,” she said.

Perry mentioned that about 25 chambers of commerce are working together to share their best practices.

“It’s a great opportunity to pool our resources, and each week we have speakers that come in and talk about things that are important, whether it be COVID(-19) or marketing or new benefits for members, things like that,” she said.

Perry added that the chambers have also discussed virtual mixer and event ideas, and recovery planning for businesses.

“We have a lot of things going on in (the business recovery) area that a lot of the chambers are working on right now – some with their cities to help with businesses in different industries with the road to recovering responsibly,” she said.

Perry stressed the importance of this chambers of commerce collaboration to support and advocate for the needs of their members during this pandemic, and beyond.

“It’s huge, because it gives us the opportunity not to re-create the wheel, find out best practices and hear what’s working for other chambers and what’s needed in other communities,” she said. “We’ve been able to share a lot of really good things with other chambers, as well.”