John Inocencio

The Elk Grove police on Aug. 7 arrested a 30-year-old man who was wanted for murder in Livermore. They reportedly found him driving through Elk Grove by using a new technology that tracked him down via video feeds from traffic cameras.

John Inocencio was arrested around 1:30 p.m. near the corner of Bond and Grant Line roads.

The suspect allegedly shot and killed a person in a Walmart store’s parking lot at Livermore’s Las Positas Road early that morning around 4 a.m. The Livermore police reported that detectives determined that Inocencio was the offender after they interviewed witnesses and reviewed evidence at the crime scene. He was reportedly a transient who lived at a creek near the murder scene.  

The Livermore police then issued an alert to other law enforcement agencies that shared information of the suspect’s license plate number.

Elk Grove police spokesperson Jason Jimenez reported that a license plate reading camera later scanned Inocencio’s license plate on Bond Road and alerted local authorities.

Inocencio pulled over for the responding Elk Grove police officers and they took him into custody without incident. The Livermore police later arrested him on murder, battery, and weapons charge. He was booked into the Alameda County Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

Jimenez said that the police used their Real Time Information Center at their police station to monitor the suspect’s whereabouts.  He said this system was launched last month and can use video feeds from traffic cameras, security cameras, and camera trailers.

“The center allows us the ability to go back after a crime has occurred and view footage to aid in investigations and can provide responding officers with critical real time information when a crime or incident is occurring such as yesterday’s incidents,” he said on Aug. 8.

The Elk Grove police also used the same system to track down a suspect who allegedly burglarized two vehicles in Laguna on Aug. 7. A witness informed them of the suspect’s vehicle and direction of travel. Authorities then used traffic camera footage to locate the vehicle of the suspect, identified as 20-year-old Tizeyah O’Bryant of Hayward. They saw that he traveled on eastbound Bilby Road near Bruceville Road. Officers later found and arrested him at an apartment complex.