Authorities seized more than 150 pounds of illegal fireworks in Elk Grove during the Independence Day season.

Shane Diller, who supervises the city’s code enforcement staff, reported that initial number to the Citizen on July 5.

Code enforcement staff, Elk Grove police officers, and Cosumnes firefighters performed their annual patrol for illegal fireworks. Diller said that authorities mostly confiscated aerial fireworks such as mortar shells and bottle rockets.

Illegal fireworks have been connected to house and grass fires in the Elk Grove region over the past several years. In June 2018, illegal fireworks that shoot “flaming balls” sparked a 15-acre grass fire near Bradshaw Christian School, north of Elk Grove.

The Cosumnes Fire staff reported three fireworks incidents this year, which was one less than last year’s cases. Of this year’s incidents, two started grass fires and one sparked a fire in a trash receptacle. No building fires were reported this year, according to a Cosumnes Fire report.

Diller did not have information on the number of citations issued to offenders, as of press time.

Under state law, offenders can face a $1,000 fine and six months in jail.

Diller noted that the code enforcement staff can hold homeowners responsible for illegal fireworks used outside their homes. They could also face a $500 fine per used firework.