New hotel

A four-story hotel will be built on East Stockton Boulevard, near Cantwell Drive and Sheldon Road.

The Elk Grove Planning Commission on July 21 unanimously approved a major design review for the proposed construction of a four-story hotel on East Stockton Boulevard, near Sheldon Road.

With Vice Chair Sandra Poole absent from the meeting, the commission voted 4-0 to approve this public hearing item. Per the city’s municipal code, this major design review was conducted as a requirement for new construction of a single, nonresidential building or structure, comprised of 10,000 square feet or more, notes a city staff report.

RSC Engineering, Inc., of Roseville, is the project’s applicant, and the owner of the property is L Street Winn LP, of Sacramento. This site is currently vacant and is located near other commercial businesses, a California Department of Transportation park-and-ride lot, a residential care facility, low- and medium-density residential housing, and Highway 99.

The 71,205-square-foot hotel will have 96 rooms, and site improvements will include 96 parking spaces, lighting and landscaping. The hotel will provide both suites and extended stay rooms, and there will be two access driveways off East Stockton Boulevard.

This hotel project is part of the Sheldon Place Center project that was approved by the Planning Commission three years ago.

Plans for the Sheldon Place Center include five commercial buildings, as well as a restaurant and hotel with a separate design review requirement.

For the purpose of providing the required on-site parking, a boundary line adjustment will be processed separately to expand the property size from 2.2 acres to 2.5 acres. Parking will surround the hotel, which will be located in the middle of the site.

Project amenities will include a pool and a patio with a fire pit.

Among the architectural features of the hotel will be plane breaks, rooflines with different heights, a well-defined entrance off East Stockton Boulevard, and a mixture of colors and materials.

As part of the design review process, the commission supported the height of the hotel, which will have an overall maximum height of 52 feet.

While the city’s municipal code generally limits building in shopping center zones to 45 feet in height, that height can be increased as part of the design review process, noted Cindy Gnos, planner with the city of Elk Grove, in her presentation to the commission.

“Staff believes the height of the building is compatible with surrounding development and will not impact any surrounding residential uses, the closest of which is 500 feet away,” she said.

During the commission’s deliberation on this item, Commissioner Sergio Robles expressed his support for the project.

“I think, given the nature of the surrounding area and kind of the location and the review, I believe I can fully support this project,” he said.

Commissioner Juan Fernandez additionally shared his thoughts on the efforts to have this new hotel built in Elk Grove.

“It’s consistent with the rest of the architecture for the area, it’s a good location, close to freeway access,” he said. “It’s already a dirt pad, so it’s ready to go for construction. So, I can support the project, as well.”

Commissioner George Murphey also spoke favorably about this project.

“After this weekend, with the swim meet (in Elk Grove), I think that we’re probably in need of some more hotel space, particularly for weekend events with that extended stay, which is nice,” he said. “And it does match the surrounding architecture, for sure.”