Gary and Heather Davis

Stonelake neighborhood residents Gary and Heather Davis are the new owners of Mail & More.

Former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis and his wife Heather recently purchased the 31-year-old Elk Grove business, Mail & More.

The business was established by Mary Cabranes-Slater, and began operating this establishment under its current name 10 years ago.

The Davises, whose business background also includes owning local coffee shops, completed the purchase of that shop on Sept. 17.

Mail & More, which is located at 5050 Laguna Blvd. #112, offers such services and items as postage and shipping, printing, faxing, document shredding, office supplies, greeting cards, and specialty gift packaging supplies.

One of the main features of the business is post office boxes, Davis noted.

“Especially right now, with all the mailboxes on the street that are getting broken into, I think a lot of people are looking for a good, safe alternative, and we’re that,” he said. “We have a few mailboxes left (to rent), and might add more over time, because they seem to be pretty popular.”

Davis shared how the sale of Mail & More was initiated.

“I reached out to pick (Cabranes-Slater’s) brain about the business, because I had seen a franchise for sale on the other side of town – in North Sacramento,” he said.

He added that he then inquired whether Cabranes-Slater had ever considered selling her business.

“I think she had been thinking about it for a couple of years,” he said.

Davis mentioned that this establishment met all of the criteria he and Heather were seeking in a local business that they would consider purchasing.

“It serves the goal we have of owning a business in the community,” he said. “What we like about it is it’s very community oriented. I just met a gentleman today who has had a P.O. Box and has been a customer for over 30 years. Over the weekend, we met another gentleman that’s been here for 25 years. He’s moved away, but he still comes back here.”

Davis referred to his new business as “carrier agnostic.”

“Certain stores you go to, you have to use one carrier,” he said. “At Mail & More, we literally do all of it – UPS, FedEx, post office, DHL. You name it, we do it. But we do it with great customer service.

“The employees in our shop know the names of our customers, and vice versa. In fact, going a little back, customers and previous employees have met each other and been married. I think three marriages have come out of that shop.”

Davis mentioned that the business presents an opportunity for he and Heather to “do something together.”

“You’ll see her (in the shop) more than me,” he said. “She’s the front face of this operation, putting the hours into the store. I’ll be supporting on the back end. But you’ll see both of us out and about in the community.

“You’ll see us get involved in the (Elk Grove) Chamber (of Commerce) or attending community events on behalf of the business.”

Davis’ involvement in the community is well documented.

That involvement includes serving as Elk Grove’s first directly elected mayor in 2012. He served on the Elk Grove City Council from 2006 to 2016. Before entering Elk Grove politics, Davis served on the Natomas Unified School District board from 2000 to 2004.

Since leaving the city council, he co-founded the Elk Grove Community Council, which supports nonprofit organizations and produces events. He also served as a spokesperson for California Northstate University for its proposed hospital project that eventually secured a site in Sacramento.

Additionally, Davis endorsed political candidates, including Bobbie Singh-Allen’s 2020 run for mayor of Elk Grove, and most recently, local state Senate candidate Dr. Tecoy Porter Sr.

He also briefly became a candidate to replace longtime Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli, who announced in February that he will not seek reelection in the District 5 election in June 2022.

Davis said that seeking the District 5 county supervisor seat was a longtime ambition for him that was intended to be the next step in his political career.

“When I stepped down from being mayor, I had always planned to run for the county Board of Supervisors seat when Don retired,” he said. “It made sense.”

Davis explained that his decision to drop out of the District 5 supervisor race this summer was a difficult one.

“It’s never fun to publicly back away from something, but what I realized is even with Heather putting most of the time into this (business), we can’t run a family business and have a full-time, elected position.

“What it doesn’t rule out is additional part-time elected service in the future. So, we’ll see what that looks like. But for now, we’re going to hunker down and focus on mastering this business and growing the business. We want this business to be successful in serving the community.”