Sacramento County coroners last week identified the father and 2-year-old child who died during an apparent murder-suicide incident on Jan. 26.

Orlando Troncoso, 45, and his son, Matthew Picazo were identified as the deceased.

Elk Grove police officers arrived at their home on Tamarindo Lane in Laguna where they found them dead from gunshot wounds. Police spokesperson Jason Jimenez said that Troncoso got into an argument with Picazo’s mother before he took out a firearm and killed their child. The gunman then took his own life.

Authorities were alerted when Picazo’s mother was seen screaming in the street. Jimenez said that she was in a relationship with Troncoso. He noted the difficult experience for the officers who found the deceased when they investigated the incident.

“Our hearts are not only with those families affected by this tragedy, but also with our officers as well,” Jimenez told the Citizen.