Elk Grove resident pleads guilty to molesting two children

Citizen file photo - Bradley Dayley

A 40-year-old Elk Grove resident recently pled guilty to 14 charges of sexual abuse he committed against two girls over a four-year period. He also photographed and videotaped his crimes, which led to authorities discovering his work on the Internet.

Elk Grove police arrested Bradley Dayley in 2009 after a detective performed a 28-day investigation where he linked Dayley to the offenses. 

Dayley now faces 60 years to life in prison. He will be sentenced at the Sacramento Superior Court on Sept. 23.

Prosecutor and Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney Casey Newton considers Elk Grove Det. Kevin Papineau a hero.

“(Papineau) is a true hero in this case,” he said in an Aug. 17 press statement. “With his thorough investigative work and personal commitment to the case, this child molester can no longer assault his young victims and will be held accountable for his crimes.”

During an Aug. 18 interview, Papineau said he doesn’t care for the word, “hero.”

He instead credited his relationships with the district attorney’s office, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for aiding him.

“It’s a great outcome,” Papineau said. “It took two years getting there but it’s a great job by the prosecutor and everybody involved.”

Neither the victims nor their parents initially came forward to notify authorities about Dayley’s crimes, he said.

“There was no indication that anybody else knew what was going on,” the detective said.

The youngest victim, who Dayley started molesting when she was 9, first had her online photographs discovered by authorities in several countries.

The images were then forwarded to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and local authorities. 

Papineau said that he studied the photographs by “combing through the fine details” and determined they were taken in Elk Grove. He ultimately linked the crimes to Dayley.

“There were little things in the background of the pictures,” he said. “We put a lot of pieces together and went out searching.”

Police arrested Dayley at his home on Sept. 23, 2009 where they reportedly discovered videotapes and photographs of his sex crimes.

The content of the evidence was reportedly lewd. Papineau said there was no indication that Dayley was commercially exploiting the material on the Internet.

“He was just sharing them for the benefit of like-minded people,” Papineau said.

Elk Grove police later linked Dayley to a second victim who he reportedly started molesting when she was 16. Papineau described her as an acquaintance and declined to give further details on her and the other victim to protect their privacies.

During his conversations with Dayley, the detective said the offender admitted to some crimes and did not admit to others.

Dayley has not publicly issued apologies to his victims as of press time.

He pled guilty to two counts of unlawful sex with a child under age 10, 11 counts of performing a lewd act on a child under age 14, and one count of unlawful sex with a child under age 18, according to court records.

Papineau said that Dayley still faces a federal trial for his Internet crimes.