CSD to have final hearing on proposed election maps

The Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) board will have their final public hearing on proposed election maps on Nov. 6. Four maps will be reviewed at that board meeting. The chosen map will determine which areas will participate in the CSD board’s November 2020 election.

This board governs the Cosumnes Fire Department as well as Elk Grove’s parks and recreation system. In February, they voted to reform their district’s future elections and they adopted the “by-district” system.

Voters will only vote on candidates running in their local voting districts from now on. Board members were previously elected by voters at large across the 157-square mile district that stretches from Elk Grove to Galt.   Advocates believe that the new “by-district” system will attract more candidates of diverse backgrounds and reduce campaign costs.

On Oct. 2, the CSD board reviewed eight proposed election maps and they selected four options. Each map features five voting districts that were drawn to have roughly equal numbers of residents, based on data from the 2010 census. The CSD had a consulting firm design the maps and present them to the board this summer.

Three seats are up for election on the CSD board next November. The terms of director Gil Albiani, Orlando Fuentes, and Jim Luttrell will expire that month.

This month, the Elk Grove City Council is also considering the “by-district” system for their future elections.