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Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen

Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen is seeking a second term in 2022.

“I am 100% running for reelection for mayor,” she told the Citizen. “There’s still a lot of work to be done in the city of Elk Grove, and I’m now just getting started. It’s been an incredibly successful year, despite COVID(-19), and unfortunately, mayoral terms are only two years long. So, I want to continue on the path that I started.”

Singh-Allen, a nearly 30-year Elk Grove resident who also served on the Elk Grove Unified School District board for eight years, already has more than $100,000 cash-on-hand for her campaign.

She mentioned that she has already received early endorsements from the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber Political Action Committee, the Sacramento Region Business Association, and the Sacramento Regional Builders’ Exchange.

“(There is) strong support from early endorsements from business and labor,” Singh-Allen said. “And that’s really important to me, because you can be a strong proponent of both. I’m a strong proponent for our working families, but I also know that we need to have a very strong, positive working climate in our city, where our businesses can invest and where businesses can thrive.”

The mayor said that she continues to focus on many of the issues that she campaigned on in 2020, when she defeated the incumbent Steve Ly.

Among her top issues is strengthening the business community.

“That’s obviously important to not only support our existing businesses, but to attract new businesses to the city of Elk Grove,” she said. “So, with that (are) new opportunities.”

She stressed that despite the pandemic, “Elk Grove has been open for business.”

Singh-Allen identified herself as a strong advocate for Elk Grove’s small business community.

“They are the backbone of our city and our communities,” she said. “So, making sure that they feel supported and have the resources that they need to be successful, not only during the challenges of COVID(-19), but in a post-COVID(-19) world, as well.”

Another issue of importance for Singh-Allen is public safety.

“Elk Grove is a safe place to live, and I want to make sure that we have those strong partnerships with our public safety groups to ensure that our community feels safe,” she said.

Singh-Allen noted that if reelected, she would work toward bettering Elk Grove’s housing situation.

“Our working families deserve to live and work in the communities they serve,” she said. “The cost of housing has just gone up, so I would love to see not only affordable housing as it relates to rentals, but creating home ownership opportunities for our community.”

She additionally mentioned her desire to encourage developers to provide affordable housing opportunities, and to continue to find ways to assist the city’s homeless population.

Singh-Allen also addressed traffic congestion as one of her top issues.

“Working toward providing improved transportation and alleviate traffic congestion will remain important to me,” she said.

She noted that she is an advocate for bringing light rail to Elk Grove to be better connected to the region.

“(I am) working with SacRT (the Sacramento Regional Transit District) in making sure that the city of Elk Grove is not forgotten, and that it is a priority to move that line here to the city,” she said.

Singh-Allen mentioned that she is proud of many projects that have been completed during her time in office. Among those projects are last year’s Old Town Plaza renovation and improvements along Railroad Street.

She also expressed excitement for the Project Elevate shopping center project, and the Wilton Rancheria tribe’s Sky River Casino, which is scheduled to open this fall.

Singh-Allen referred to those projects as “great amenities for our city.”

The mayor, who also serves as a statewide commissioner for Visit California, noted that she is additionally passionate about the possibility of having the Sacramento Zoo relocated to Elk Grove. The city’s staff and the Sacramento Zoological Society are currently studying the feasibility of establishing a zoo near the future intersection of Lotz Parkway and Kammerer Road in south Elk Grove.

Singh-Allen told the Citizen that Elk Grove voters should feel confident reelecting her as their mayor.

“A vote for me is a vote for Elk Grove; I am Elk Grove,” she said. “I was honored to be the highest vote-getter for mayor in our city’s history. I would be honored to continue to be our city’s greatest champion and advocate.”