Election ’22

Photos by Lance Armstrong

Jaclyn Moreno, a candidate for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisor’s District 5 seat, speaks at her reception at the New Helvetia Brewing Company in Sacramento on Sept. 22.

Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) Director Jaclyn Moreno on Sept. 22 referred to homelessness, economic development and mental health as some of the issues that are most important to her as a candidate for the District 5 Sacramento County supervisor seat.

District 5 encompasses more than 650 square miles and includes the Elk Grove, Galt, Rancho Cordova and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta communities.

District 5 Supervisor Don Nottoli announced in February that he would not seek reelection for that seat, which he has held since 1994. Vying to succeed him in 2022 are Moreno, Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume, and Isleton resident Vernon David Swart.

While speaking to the Citizen during her evening reception at the New Helvetia Brewing Company in Sacramento, Moreno addressed the issue of homelessness.

“You see a rise in homelessness in our region and in our city,” she said. “I work in mental health care and I’ve been doing that work for 20 years. And I have a deep relationship with county programs, because many of my clients share programs with the county, such as Medi-Cal, foster care, (Child Protective Services), juvenile justice, mental health care.

“I think having that perspective at the dais can help create real solutions for the challenges that exist within our homeless community. But not only that, (but) within other issues like domestic violence, drug addition, the whole health and human services realm.”

On the issue of economic development, Moreno noted the challenges that small businesses have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As a small business owner myself, I almost lost my own small business during the pandemic,” she said. “I know how that feels, and bringing that perspective to the dais, I think is going to be incredibly important, so we can continue to support small businesses through these challenging times.”

Moreno also spoke about the issue of mental health.

“Especially with (COVID-19, there is) the increased isolation and loneliness,” she said. “We’ve seen an increase in anxiety and depression and mental health care needs in our community. And like I said, I think having my perspective on the dais will be completely a necessity to get us out of this situation and move us forward.”

During her speech, Moreno noted that she has been talking to people in the district about housing, farming, agriculture-residential, water, and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

“I have been working so hard to understand the issues, and I know that together, we can take this seat,” she said. “I know we can.”

Moreno told the Citizen that her experience has prepared her to serve as the county supervisor.

“I just think my experiences have led me up to this moment – my experiences as a woman, as a mom,” she said. “We’ve never actually had a woman representing the south county before, since 1850, when the county was incorporated.

“We don’t always want to play identity politics, but certainly representation is important, and women bring a different perspective, I think. However, I just think my experience, in general, as a small business owner, as a mental health care provider, currently in politics at the CSD board. I just think it’s all kind of come to a head, and it just makes sense.”

Cosumnes CSD Director Orlando Fuentes called Moreno the right person to represent District 5.

“She’s demonstrated that leadership skills and abilities on the board of Cosumnes Community Services District,” he said. “I’ve served on that board since she arrived in 2018. She’s got experience and she speaks her mind. She speaks up on issues that are controversial.”

Former Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Mackenzie Wieser stressed the importance of the District 5 seat.

“This seat is going to be wholly critical for making $6 billion worth of budgetary decisions across the region,” she said.

She added that she aligns with Moreno’s stance on climate change.

“Of the candidates running, one of them believes in climate change, so (Moreno has) my vote there,” Wieser said. “That’s not the only thing (she likes about Moreno), but that’s very big.”

Former Assembly Member Roger Dickinson praised Moreno for her “smarts.”

“I like her smarts,” he said. “I think she’s a very capable woman who will bring an enormous amount of talent to the board and be a great contributor.”

Protesters interrupt Sacramento mayor’s speech

Those entering the New Helvetia Brewing Company to attend Moreno’s Sept. 22 event passed by protesters against Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento.

Pan, who has co-authored vaccination bills that have been signed into state law, has drawn negative reaction from anti-vaccination protesters who believe such laws remove one’s personal freedoms.

Lining the north and east sidewalks of the brewing company’s building, protesters held signs bearing drawings of Pan’s face with the word, liar, covering much of that face. The “liar” reference pertains to comments that Pan made about vaccines that the protesters do not believe.

Later in the evening, the speech of Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg was interrupted by one of the protesters who used a bullhorn to announce that Pan would not be attending the event.

Steinberg, who endorsed Moreno for the District 5 supervisor seat, responded to that interruption.

“We do have to deal with a lot of irrationality in our community, and some of the irrationality people have big megaphones,” he said. “And we respect everybody’s point of view, but God darn it, everybody in this county should get vaccinated. You better believe it.

“I can say that as a guy who is vaccinated and just got a breakthrough case. So glad that I did (get vaccinated). I’m doing great by the way.”