Hume for County Supervisor

Pat Hume 

Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume on June 9 announced that he plans to run for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors’ District 5 seat in 2022.

District 5 encompasses more than 650 square miles and includes the Elk Grove, Galt, Rancho Cordova, and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta communities.

Since current District 5 Supervisor Don Nottoli’s announcement in February that he will not seek reelection, former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis and Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno also announced that they will run for that seat.

Nottoli has served as the District 5 representative since 1994 and his last contested race was held in 2010 when Wilton resident Lovie Kirkland challenged the incumbent.

Hume, who has served on the City Council since 2006, praised Nottoli for his service.

“Supervisor Nottoli has earned tremendous respect for how well he has represented this district,” he said. “I’ve worked beside him for over a decade, serving on (the) regional board, dealing with transportation, infrastructure and water issues – so I know the issues and the commitment it takes to make a difference.”

As Hume organizes his campaign, he already has received the support from some of his local and regional colleagues, including Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and Rancho Cordova Mayor Garret Gatewood.

Hume explained his decision to run for the District 5 seat.

“Originally, I had told people that I didn’t want to run, that I was going to hang up my political spurs, and part of the reason was because of the sort of vitriol in the political environment these days,” he said. “Then I realized that didn’t really sit well with my values, and so I found myself being unhappy that I was avoiding something that might not be fun to do.

“That really didn’t match with me that I kind of consider myself a guy who likes to roll up my sleeves and get in and do the work.”

He added that he desires to represent the district by “setting the example, doing the work and trying to create a better future.”

Hume noted that he will run on the issues of homelessness, transportation, housing and jobs/economic development.

He emphasized the importance of the local region recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Obviously, the thing in front of mind for everybody right now is recovery from the pandemic,” Hume said. “And coming out of this shutdown, getting schools open – which isn’t a function of the county – helping our businesses recover and making sure the people are in a good place in all of the communities.

Hume also referred to the need to address “perennial” issues.

“You have all of the issues that aren’t going away and need to be addressed, as well, with respect to the homelessness crisis and crime and infrastructure and traffic and all the things, the roads – all of those types of things that are perennial,” he said.

Further addressing homelessness, Hume referred to it as a big issue that is intertwined with mental health programs.

“There needs to be a more coordinated effort between the county – whose purview has a lot of the health and human services aspect – and the outlying cities,” he said.

“I think we need to look at doing something that seeks to address and help these people with the root issues that are making homelessness seem like a viable alternative, and at the same time, you obviously need to address the housing shortage, so we can make housing both more affordable and attainable.”

Hume stressed the need to focus on the drought and water supplies, and making serious road repairs, as opposed to “patching holes.”

With a background that also includes his service on various boards and committees, such as the Capital Southeast Connector Joint Powers Authority Board and the Elk Grove City Affordable Housing Committee, Hume spoke about the importance of experience.

“I think that’s probably my greatest asset is that many of the things that the county deals with in respect to services and land use and infrastructure, I’ve been doing that for the past two decades, and already serve on a lot of the regional boards that would fall under the purview of a supervisorial position.

“So, I’ve been in the trenches, building these relationships for 20 years and I’ve built up a lot of, I think respect, and I’m looking to put that to work to serve the people of the 5th District.”

Hume detailed why he is the best candidate for the supervisor seat.

“I think it’s the fact that I govern in a way that is thoughtful, deliberate and transparent, and so I seek to find solutions and to have dialogue and work collaboratively to try and find a compromise that works for the most amount of people,” he said.

“Even if we choose to agree to disagree, at the end of the discussion, obviously, at least my position was known and that I put some thought into it and that I’ve tried to have a reasonable approach to being solution-oriented.”

Hume added that he likes the idea of moving onto a different position, which would still allow him to assist the residents of Elk Grove.

“That’s a big factor in it is I’m a local government kind of guy,” he said. “I don’t want to do wonk policy under the dome, but the idea that I could still serve the residents of Elk Grove, in a different capacity, is very appealing.”

Hume said that he plans to officially kickoff his campaign later this year.