Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume

Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume speaks at his Sept. 29 fundraiser. He is one of three candidates vying for the Sacramento County District 5 supervisor seat in 2022.

Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume during his Sept. 29 campaign fundraiser identified several of his top issues of concern in Sacramento County. They include homelessness and economic recovery.

Hume is among three candidates who will run for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors’ District 5 seat in 2022. His campaign hosted an ice cream social to raise funds at the Lent Ranch in Elk Grove.

The District 5 seat will be vacated by Don Nottoli, who announced in February that he would not seek reelection for that seat that he held since 1994. Hume’s opponents for the District 5 seat are currently Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno and Isleton resident Vernon David Swart.

District 5 encompasses more than 650 square miles and includes the Elk Grove, Galt, Rancho Cordova and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta communities.

Hume told the Citizen that economic recovery coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic is currently his number one issue.

“What are we doing to take this money that’s flowing down from the federal government and using it to help the mom-and-pop businesses, to help the average person who’s struggling to come through this, and maybe having a difficult time keeping their house or their business?” he asked.

“What are we going to do to make sure that we’re not just growing government, that we’re actually helping people?”

Also important to Hume is the issue of homelessness.

“We’ve really got to take a more meaningful approach to tackling homelessness,” he said. “I think that unfortunately some of the policies we’ve been doing of trying to start with supportive housing puts the cart before the horse. We have to be realistic about addressing the root causes in my estimation.

“Mental illness, substance abuse, addiction, other sources of trauma that have really caused these people to find themselves in a situation that is inhumane to allow them to continue to live that way.”

Hume spoke about governance issues.

“The last one is all of the governance issues that everybody has to take on a daily basis, with respect to land use, infrastructure, utilities,” he said. “You know, all of the things that I’ve been doing for the last 15 to 20 years in one fashion or another, in order to make sure that the services that people are paying for and that they rely on, that they’re getting them in the way that they deserve.”

Hume emphasized his experience as an advantage against his opponents in the District 5 race.

“Really one of the differentiators in this race is the fact that I’m prepared to start serving on day one,” he said. “I don’t have a learning curve with some of the larger issues that come before the county Board of Supervisors.

“Obviously, I need to learn the players, but I don’t need to learn the game. And I think that’s important. We have a lot of sort of very timely crises that need to be addressed, in addition to just the regular operations of government. And so, I’m ready to do that, assuming the voters send me there.”

Hume’s supporters speak about his candidacy

Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen told the Citizen that because of Hume’s experience in politics, she believes he would make an immediate impact as a county supervisor.

“Pat is not only the longest serving City Council member, but he serves on a number of committees in the region, and he can hit the ground running on day one,” she said.

Singh-Allen also referred to a portion of Hume’s speech in which he spoke against the political divide, as Hume noted that after reviewing the events of Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C. that this divide is “maybe at its worst points since maybe the Civil War.”

“(Hume) specifically stated that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the ugliest and most divisive since the Civil War,” she said. “It’s a reminder that there is so much hate and division and that we all need to learn from it and work together.”

Hume also stated in his speech that he received support from former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis after Davis dropped out of the Sacramento County District 5 Supervisor race.

Davis, who served on the Elk Grove City Council with Hume, spoke about why he decided to support him.

“We’ve been in the trenches a lot together, and what I know about Pat is that he is community-minded first,” he said. “He truly cares about the community he is representing: Elk Grove. He would love and care for the entire supervisorial district.

“The lens that he views public policy is similar to the lens that I use, and that’s asking the question, ‘What’s in the best interest of our community?’ versus party politics, the partisan issue of the day. That’s not what drives him.”

Sophia Scherman, another former Elk Grove mayor, referred to Hume as a candidate with “integrity.”

“Integrity rates high in my book,” she said. “Integrity, to me, means that he does his homework, his research, and when he makes his decision, it’s based on what he has learned and heard. To me, that’s what makes a good public servant.”

Elk Grove City Council Member Darren Suen referred to Hume as “an excellent candidate.”

“I think he would make an excellent candidate, because of his experience and background and the roles that he has played in his professional career in the home building industry, as well as serving with him on the Sacramento Transportation Authority, and in concert with him on transportation issues and transit issues.”

Bob Lent, who hosted the campaign fundraiser in his backyard, also shared why he would like Hume elected as the District 5 county supervisor.

“His experience he’s had with the City Council and the Planning Commission weighs a lot,” he said. “The 5th supervisorial district in Sacramento is probably the most important district. As Elk Grove goes, so does the county of Sacramento with this election. It’s absolutely important to get the right guy (in that seat, and) he is the right guy.”