Pat Perez

Pat Perez 

Pat Perez, a former Elk Grove Community Services District (CSD) director, said on Aug. 4 that he will not join Elk Grove’s mayoral race. He pulled nomination papers for the position on July 29 while he was exploring a potential run.

Perez served on the CSD board for 12 years and he ran in the Elk Grove City Council’s District 4 race in 2002 when he lost to incumbent Dan Briggs. Two years after Perez left the Elk Grove CSD board, their organization became the Cosumnes CSD when they merged their fire services with the Galt Fire Protection District.

Perez told the Citizen that his successful CSD election campaigns relied on picnic fundraisers and connecting with voters while traveling from door-to-door. He said that such campaigning for mayor is now impossible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity, but the timing is not good,” Perez said. “Depending on the performance of Elk Grove’s mayor and City Council, I may decide to run again down the road when I have more time to put together an effective campaign, and we are not facing a pandemic.”

The Elk Grove mayoral race’s nomination period ends on Aug. 7. Incumbent Steve Ly is running for a third term this November. His current opponents are Michelle Kile, Dane San Pedro Newsan, Brian Pastor, and Bobbie Singh-Allen.