Brian Pastor

Brian Pastor, a 15-year resident of Elk Grove, will challenge Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly in this November’s election.

Michelle Kile and Justin Brown will also run against Ly, who is seeking his third term.

Pastor, a 42-year-old, first-time political candidate, explained his decision to run for mayor.

“I have always been a leader, especially when I was in school,” he said. “I felt that I needed to be a leader of my community, and living here pre-recession, I noticed what had happened to the economy and the city of Elk Grove.

“Houses were empty due to foreclosures, some businesses closed, and the crime rate rose. This (coronavirus) pandemic that we are having can create aftereffects that can potentially do the same as it did after the recession. That is why I decided to become a political candidate.”

Pastor said that public safety is Elk Grove’s biggest issue.

“Safety is the number one issue,” he said. “After the recession, I spoke to one of my neighbors in my community and found a common theme that safety was the biggest issue facing our community.

“He had informed me of the up rise of home invasions in our neighborhood. There is (the) possibility (that) these types of crimes will arise due to the possible aftereffects of the current pandemic. If we keep Elk Grove safe, our families will have a safe place to live.”

Pastor added that he desires to have more community service officers monitoring the city to “keep Elk Grove safe.”

Also important to Pastor are small businesses, which he hopes can be assisted by property managers.

“Have property management give deferments for leases to keep both essential and nonessential business open,” he said.

Pastor identified traffic as another one of his biggest concerns, and he noted his desire to have timed stoplights on the city’s busiest streets.

Although Pastor is new to political candidacy, he noted that he is not new to leadership roles.

“I have always considered myself a good leader,” he said. “I was class president in every level of education and lastly in medical school. This is my first time running as a political candidate and by being a first-time candidate, I will be able to put a new perspective and fresh ideas to help our community.

“I grew up here. I lived in the Vineyard area, close to Calvine (Road), since 1991 and watched this city evolve to what it is now. This is my hometown and having the leadership experience, I can implement my leadership skills as mayor of Elk Grove.”

He noted that, if elected, he would work very well with the council members by “keeping the lines of communication open.”

Pastor, a 1995 graduate of Christian Brothers High School, earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology at the University of San Francisco. He later completed medical school at Fatima College of Medicine in 2013.

Pastor said that he worked as a clinical documentation consultant through AE & Associates. He is also registered as a disaster health care volunteer for the California Health Corps.

Pastor, who moved to Elk Grove to be closer to his relatives, spoke about why he likes the Elk Grove community.

“I like Elk Grove because it is generally a quiet and safe place to live and has various amenities such as gyms, restaurants, shopping centers and small businesses that you would find in major cities. I could help keep Elk Grove a quiet and safe place to live.”

Pastor explained why voters should vote for him this November.

“When voters come to vote, I would like them to have a choice in a candidate that will make Elk Grove a safer community, ensure small businesses will continue to thrive, and (have) a better flow of traffic through the streets in Elk Grove,” he said.