Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly stands alongside Maureen Craft, who he endorsed for the District 3 City Council seat in this November’s election.

Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly last week endorsed Maureen Craft in her bid to be elected to the Elk Grove City Council in this November’s election.

She is running for the Council’s District 3 seat, which represents the Camden area and north Elk Grove’s Power Inn Road area as well as a part of eastern Laguna.

Steve Detrick, the current District 3 Council member, announced last December that he will not run for re-election and he will instead endorse former Elk Grove Planning Commissioner and 2016 mayoral candidate Kevin Spease to succeed him in that council seat.

Spease is also supported by City Council members Pat Hume, Stephanie Nguyen, and Darren Suen.

Also running for that seat are Lynn Wheat, a candidate for mayor in 2012, and Amandeep Singh, a first-time candidate.

Ly explained why he supports Craft, who ran for the same council seat against Detrick in 2016.

“The most important part is she adds diversity to the council,” he said. “Not to say that any other candidate running for City Council doesn’t add to the diversity. Everyone has their own background, but particularly for Maureen Craft, because she’s an African American woman, because she brings a perspective that’s a little bit different than what we have on the council now. I think she would be a great addition.”

Ly also noted Craft’s experience as a human resources professional.

“The thing that I like is she has a background in business,” he said. “She has a background in the Central Valley, particularly with the chambers of commerce. And her being active will engage a segment of the community.”

The mayor told the Citizen that he believes Craft would work well with the council.

“I think that she has a team spirit,” he said. “I think that’s really important, her good-natured approach to problem issues. And the fact that she’s willing to step up.”

Craft, who is a 12-year resident of Elk Grove, said that it is important to her to be endorsed by the mayor.

“Having the leader of the city lend his support to my campaign is important,” she said. “It demonstrates that he has confidence that I will be vital to the growth and development of the city of Elk Grove.”

Craft also shared why she believes that she would be a benefit to the city as a council member.

“It is important for me to bring equity and diversity to the City Council,” she said. “I have had my finger on the pulse of what it will take for Elk Grove to be a city that experiences smart growth. My business experience, coupled with advocacy will help lend to my success.”