Elk Grove mayoral candidate Bobbie Singh-Allen’s announced on Aug. 27 that she gained endorsements from four Elk Grove City Council members.

Her supporters are Steve Detrick, Pat Hume, Stephane Nguyen, and Darren Suen.

Singh-Allen is one of two candidates hoping to unseat the incumbent Steve Ly who is seeking his third term. Also running for mayor is Brian Pastor, a first-time political candidate and a 15-year resident of Elk Grove.

Detrick, Hume, and Nguyen previously endorsed Suen when he ran against Ly in the 2018 mayoral election. Ly won that race with 41% of the vote.

Suen, in his Aug. 27 statement regarding his endorsement for Singh-Allen, noted that she could assist the council in creating “an Elk Grove that works for all.” She is currently a trustee in the Elk Grove Unified School District board where she has served for eight years.

“As a trustee for (the Elk Grove Unified School District), Bobbie has shown an incredible amount of collaborative leadership, bringing management and union folks together for the betterment of our education system and families throughout Elk Grove,” he wrote.

“As mayor, Bobbie will use her experience as a commissioner for Visit (California) to help usher in more business opportunities. I’m proud to endorse Bobbie Singh-Allen for mayor.”

Singh-Allen announced her intention to run for mayor on July 28 – 15 days before the council voted to request the Sacramento County Grand Jury to investigate allegations that Ly used his associates or supporters to harass several local women, including Singh-Allen and other elected officials.

Singh-Allen claimed that she was harassed by Ly’s associates after she was appointed to the Elk Grove school board in 2012. She believed it was due to her support of Ly’s school board opponent, Jake Rambo. Ly served with Singh-Allen on the Elk Grove school board until he was elected to the Elk Grove City Council in 2014.

Ly has also been accused of using the patriarchy of the Hmong familial clan system to harass local women who do not support his political agendas.

Two months ago, Singh-Allen used her personal Facebook page to refer to the Hmong clan system as a “controlling and intimidating system used to attack and silence these women.”

Although Singh-Allen has drawn criticism for that comment from some members of the Hmong community and others, she told the Citizen that Ly and his surrogates have “twisted (her) words to suit the cherry-picked narrative they wanted to use to suit their purpose.”

Ly has continuously claimed that he did not direct any of his supporters to harass anyone, and he issued a statement on July 1, sharing his belief that his accusers were harassed. He also stated that he was sympathetic of the pain they had endured.

While Singh-Allen pursues the mayoral seat, there is an online petition that was launched by some of Ly’s supporters who desire that she resign from the school board.

Singh-Allen expressed frustration with that petition, claiming that its existence is evidence of “how low (Ly) will stoop to try to continue to silence (her).”

Detrick on Aug. 12 called for Ly to resign from his role as the city’s mayor. He noted his belief that Ly ethically failed as a mayor.

“Mayor Ly, you failed in all four areas of our adopted code of ethics, in responsibility, fairness, respect and honesty as a member of our council,” he said on Aug. 12.

In endorsing Singh-Allen for mayor, Detrick stated that she has “always worked hard for the betterment of our community, regardless of political ideology.”

“(Singh-Allen) is dedicated to improving the lives of Elk Grove residents,” he said. “In her eight years leading the fifth largest school district in the state, she has demonstrated her strong leadership skills by collaborating with all stakeholders. She will work well with the City Council towards a shared vision.”

Nguyen also issued a statement in support of Singh-Allen’s mayoral campaign.

“I have worked with Bobbie to help our immigrant and refugee communities,” she said. “She leads with compassion. I have seen her firsthand create greater access and resources for our city’s highest needs students and families.

“(Singh-Allen) has been vested in Elk Grove for almost 30 years and works with diverse communities. I look forward to working with Bobbie to move our city forward together.”

Hume praised Singh-Allen’s leadership.

“While we don’t always agree on every issue, we absolutely agree Elk Grove deserves leaders serving the best interests of our community,” he said. “Bobbie has dedicated over 20 years to serving Elk Grove. She brings communities and stakeholders together to find common sense solutions.”