The Elk Grove police on Feb. 18 released a dramatic video of an Elk Grove officer dashing to a burning car and rescuing its driver during the early morning of Feb. 11. This video was recorded by Officer Jarred Houston’s bodycam when he was the first emergency responder to arrive at the scene.

Elk Grove police spokesperson Jason Jimenez said that the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries from the ordeal.

Elk Grove Police Chief Tim Albright praised Houston’s work.

“I am so proud of Officer Houston and his heroic efforts to save the life of the driver,” he told the Citizen. “Without hesitation, he did what was necessary to bring what could have been a tragic event to a successful conclusion. I am so proud of his brave and selfless service.”

This incident was reported around 1 a.m. near the roundabout intersection of Waterman and Sheldon roads in north Elk Grove.

Jimenez said that the victim’s car caught fire after it crashed into a light pole.

In Houston’s video, he got out of his patrol car and ran to the burning vehicle. While the engine fire quickly grew, the officer contacted the victim who was unable to open his doors.

Houston then told the driver to back away from the front passenger door before he used a police baton to smash the window. The officer then pulled the victim out of the vehicle.

In a Facebook video, the police showed a photograph of the car that was reduced to twisted metal. This video is now available for view on the Elk Grove police’s Facebook page.  

Houston, who regularly works the graveyard shift on weekdays, could not be reached for comment by press time.