The Elk Grove police spent two weeks heavily patrolling seven sites that had ongoing traffic problems. They announced on Feb. 5 that officers issued 65 citations for traffic violations such as speeding and running stop signs.

This operation was a collaboration between the police’s traffic bureau and their patrol division. Authorities reported they conducted 106 traffic stops.

“When we issue more citations it does seem to reduce the amount of collisions occurring,” Elk Grove Motor Sgt. Josh Magdaleno said.

He explained that the operation worked to increase the police presence at areas where many citizens filed traffic complaints.

“When we get complaints, some areas get more complaints than other areas,” Magdaleno said.

During the operation, officers patrolled the residential areas of Emerald Vista Drive, West Taron Drive and Ruddy Duck Way, West Taron and Riparian drives, Carrcroft Drive and Hendon Way, and Toscano Drive and Harley Way. They also focused on rural traffic spots at Bader and Sheldon roads, and Excelsior and Halfway roads.

Magdaleno noted that the police often receive complaints about traffic near schools. Violations include drivers making illegal turns and vehicles parked in bus loading zones.

“Sometimes, the violators are the parents – they’re not setting the best examples,” he said.

The police sergeant said that drivers distracted by cell phones remain an issue in the community.

“It’s always something we take a look at,” Magdaleno said. “With the (smartphone) technology involved and the information being put out there, a lot of people have a hard time staying away from it.”

He noted that the police plan to spend the next few weeks patrolling elementary school areas as well as places where stop sign violations are often reported.