Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) officials announced on Jan. 2 they will increase law enforcement security at three high schools following a social media threat that was posted last week.  A suspect has not been located, as of press time. Security was boosted on Jan. 3, which was when teachers returned to campuses to prepare their classes. 

The district’s communications staff announced that the threat was directed at Cosumnes Oaks High School, and the message also mentioned Elk Grove and Franklin high schools.

District spokesperson Xanthi Soriano did not disclose further details on the social media post.

Elk Grove Unified’s high school students are expected to return to their campuses after their Winter Break ends on Jan. 4.

A similar threat was posted on social media last month and it was directed at Laguna Creek High. Investigators on Dec. 8 located and cited two Laguna Creek students, aged 16, for allegedly committing the offenses. One was charged with the misdemeanor of willfully disturbing a public school and the other was charges with making criminal threats.

District officials on Jan. 2 encouraged parents to tell their children that social media threats against schools will be taken seriously and are not considered to be pranks.

“Individuals found responsible for such threats may face serious criminal charges,” they stated in a letter to parents.

Officials also want students and staff to report any suspicious activities to the authorities.