Ronald Northrup

Ronald Northrup

By Citizen Staff


A Sacramento Superior Court judge on Oct. 2 sentenced an Elk Grove resident to 113 years to life in state prison for sexually abusing four children. Prosecutors said that the victims were ages 4-11 when Ronald Northup, 42, assaulted them for nearly 20 years.

A jury on Sept. 11 found him guilty on four felony counts of sexually assaulting minors. He was also convicted with a multiple victim enhancement.

Prosecutors said that Northrup’s victims were either his relatives or they were related to people known by him. He surrendered himself to the Elk Grove police in 2016 after they announced that investigators were seeking him.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office reported that a victim testified that she was pressured to lie and recant her allegations against Northrup in 2013. They noted that Elk Grove police staff and two victims were present at Northrup’s sentencing.