DUI suspect

A 45-year-old driver reportedly crashed into a dairy’s manure storage pond outside Elk Grove during the early morning of May 25. A California Highway Patrol spokesperson described the case as a “stinky situation.”

Cosumnes firefighters and CHP officers pulled the driver from the pond, and investigators determined he was intoxicated. Oscar Perez was arrested on DUI charges.

This incident was reported around 1:30 a.m. at Franklin Boulevard, south of Elk Grove.

The CHP reported that Perez contacted them and said that his truck was stuck in the pond and it was quickly filling up with dairy waste. A Cosumnes fire crew reportedly found the driver after spending 48 minutes searching for him in the dark countryside.

CHP investigators determined that Perez spent an hour attempting to escape his vehicle before he called 911.

On Facebook, the CHP used cartoons of cows and feces when they reported the incident.

“This is a reminder that making the poor decision to drink and drive can land you in some deep (graphic of feces),” they stated.