catalytic converter

Photos courtesy of Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities shared this photo of stolen catalytic converters that were found in Elk Grove.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office announced on July 21 that investigators in Elk Grove uncovered a large operation that involved the theft and sale of catalytic converters.

They reported that almost 2,000 catalytic converters were recovered and that detectives found about $300,000 in cash.

Sheriff’s spokesperson Teresa Deterding said that the suspects were cited for violating business and professional codes related to illegal recycling. They were issued a court date instead of being taken into custody.

Sheriff’s detectives along with Elk Grove police investigators served search warrants at the 6600 block of Eskridge Way in Laguna and the 10000 block of Grant Line Road in East Elk Grove.

Deterding said that one location had a false front while the other site was unmarked.

Asked if victims could have their stolen converters returned to them, she said that authorities cannot identify a converter’s owner without a serial or identification number.

“This is a great example of why it is important for citizens to get etching performed on their converters,” Deterding said.

The Elk Grove police previously hosted “Etch and Catch” events where drivers were invited to have identification numbers etched on their converters at the Jiffy Lube shop in Elk Grove.

Elk Grove police spokesperson Jason Jimenez said there has been an increase in catalytic converter thefts this year in comparison to last year.