Senior Center

Cosumnes CSD parks staff wants to open a recreation center at the current home of the Senior Center of Elk Grove. The senior center is moving to the city’s new community center at Civic Center Drive.

The Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) board will review plans for the proposed Beeman Recreation Center at their Dec. 4 meeting. This $950,000 project will be the CSD’s first recreation center east of Highway 99.

“This is a road map for how we’re going to operate the center going forward,” CSD Project Manager Fred Bremerman told the Citizen about his upcoming presentation.

He said that this project will be a multipurpose center that can serve an estimated 60,000 residents living within three miles of its site.

Instead of constructing a new building, the CSD parks staff plans to move into the current home of the Senior Center of Elk Grove at Sharkey Avenue. The senior center is moving to the city of Elk Grove’s new community center at Civic Center Drive in early 2020.

Bremerman said that his staff has met with senior center’s staff for the past six months over the changes at the Sharkey Avenue location. The CSD owns the 36-year-old building that houses the senior center next to Beeman Park.

Bremerman said the Beeman Recreation Project will begin in February and will have its grand opening next fall.

The CSD parks staff requests $950,000 to fund renovations and equipment for the recreation center. These funds will come from impact fees collected by the CSD for community center projects in eastern Elk Grove, according to a CSD staff report.

“Any building that’s 36 years old has a lot of wear and tear,” Bremerman said about the renovations. “The plan is to renovate the facility is that it will be sustainable for the next 50 years or longer.”

The parks staff prepared for the recreation center project by collecting input from more than 200 people via surveys and community meetings. Bremerman said that a popular request was a meeting space for local community service organizations such as the Lions Club, the Girl Scouts, and the Elk Grove Historical Society.

Community members also expressed desires for a center that offers a wide variety of leisure classes as well as multigenerational activities, or “something that combines young kids and seniors,” as Bremerman explained.

He also mentioned there was a need for a community hub or a simple meeting place for community members.

“What we took away from this was that folks do enjoy building community, enjoying community, and sharing community,” Bremerman said.

The Cosumnes CSD board’s Dec. 4 meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the CSD’s headquarters, 8820 Elk Grove Blvd.