Cosumnes Fire Chief Felipe Rodriguez (left) and Elk Grove Police Chief Tim Albright stand with the fire department's defibrillator donation.

The Cosumnes Fire Department on Dec. 23 announced they donated six devices for Elk Grove police officers to use in aiding cardiac arrest patients.

These Automatic External Defibrillators are designed to shock a patient’s heart into a healthy rhythm during an emergency. The tools will be kept in patrol vehicles since police officers are often the first to respond to medical emergencies.

“These defibrillators will give our first responders the best chance to save a life,” Elk Grove Police Chief Tim Albright said in a press statement.

Cosumnes Deputy Fire Chief Troy Bair told the Citizen that 911 calls are typically directed to the Elk Grove police’s dispatch center before they’re forwarded to his fire department. Officers often arrive before paramedics at the scenes of emergency calls.

“If we can get CPR and defibrillation quicker with those patients, then we can continue to improve the survivability with cardiac arrest patients,” Bair said.

Cosumnes Fire officials said their staff has been providing High Performance CPR training to first responders, such as Elk Grove police officers.

The recent donation of defibrillators was partially funded by an Emergency Medical Services grant from Walmart, according to Cosumnes Fire officials.

“Our collaboration with the Elk Grove Police Department is invaluable in providing a seamless flow of emergency response, from the moment care is needed until the incident is resolved,” Cosumnes Fire Chief Felipe Rodriguez said in a press statement.