The Elk Grove Planning Commission on Aug. 15 determined that two Elk Grove properties that city officials hope to acquire for affordable housing and/or workforce housing are consistent with the city’s General Plan.

Commissioners that night also found that a proposed sale of Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) property in the Camden area did not fit the city’s General Plan. The commission’s review, required by a state code, will be forwarded to the City Council as it considers acquiring these properties.

Sheldon Farms property

One of the two properties is located at the city’s Sheldon Farms Land Use Policy Area at the northeast corner of Bruceville Road and Big Horn Boulevard.  

This 15-acre parcel is zoned high-density residential, and is identified in the General Plan as a housing inventory site that was needed to meet the lower income Regional Housing Needs Allocation.

The General Plan includes policies associated with the city’s goal of providing “adequate housing stock to meet the needs of lower-income households and special needs groups.”

Sarah Kirchgessner, senior planner for the city, told the commission why the city wants to acquire this property.

“The city is seeking to acquire the property to develop affordable and/or workforce housing that is otherwise unlikely to be developed without government subsidies,” she said.

The commission supported city staff’s finding that the property is consistent with the goals and policies of the General Plan.

Kirchgessner mentioned that an acquisition of this property would align with the requirement for the property to facilitate housing that is consistent with the General Plan.

This site is located near the Wackford Community & Aquatic Complex to the southwest and the Bruceville Plaza shopping center to the south. It is also situated near a bus stop and a future light rail stop.

Bruceville Road property

The other property that the city is seeking to acquire is six parcels located at the addresses 9142-9150 Bruceville Road and 7235 Laguna Blvd.

This 8-acre property, which sits on the west side of Bruceville Road, is primarily zoned as medium-density residential. But a small portion of the site has a general-commercial zoning.

The commission agreed with city staff’s assessment that the property was consistent with the goals and policies of the General Plan.

In the area of these parcels is a mixture of commercial and retail businesses, including a new Quick Quack Car Wash.

CSD seeks sale of parkland for residential use   

Upon a request made by the CSD, the Planning Commission also reviewed property that the district proposes to sell.

The 4,000-square-foot site is located at the northwestern tip of Camden Park, near Kingslynn Court. CSD officials expressed an interest in selling this land to a property owner at Kingslynn Court for private residential use. The site is currently zoned as parks-open space.

As opposed to the two properties that the city desires to purchase, city staff found this CSD-owned property to be inconsistent with the General Plan.

Antonio Ablog, city planning manager, mentioned that city staff came to that determination since the sale would lead to private residential use on public, open-space property.

“Because the sale of that property would presumably be used for private, residential use, which is not allowed in either the parks-open space General Plan designation or the open space or commercial recreation zones of our zoning code, we have not been able to find that this sale would be consistent with our General Plan,” he said.

Upon an inquiry made by Planning Commissioner Kevin Spease, Ablog said that the commission’s response has no bearing on whether the CSD could sell the property.

“According to our General Plan and zoning designation, the sale can go forward,” he said. “However, any private residential land use on that (property) would not conform to either zoning or the General Plan.”

The commission’s ultimate decision to support the city staff’s finding that the property is inconsistent with the General Plan will be forwarded to the CSD board for review.