California-Japan Scholars Exchange Program

The Elk Grove Unified School District recently completed its 16th year of participation in the California-Japan Scholars Exchange Program, established in 1997 following a Senate delegation visit to Japan. The purpose of this program is to promote cultural understanding and international relations. Pictured were the participants who were honored at the last Elk Grove Unified School District board meeting.

On June 4, a delegation of 22 students and two teachers from Elk Grove Unified School District departed from San Francisco for Osaka, Japan to participate in the California-Japan Scholars Exchange Program. Seher Keval, program consultant from the California Senate Office of International Relations, accompanied the group. The program was funded by a grant from the California International Relations Foundation and by families of participating students. The group returned to Elk Grove on June 19.

The Board of Education recognized the following students and chaperones for their participation as the district’s representatives in this year’s program after receiving a report on their trip.

Participants included students Rigg Arambulo, Allyson Boyd, Kelvin Chen, Sharon Dong, Hannah Gordon, Kyle Kalin, Sal Khang, Laura Li, Patricia Liu, Sirena Liu, Ryan Livingston, Tyler Lowe, Monica Luu, Hailey McCormick, Julia Peng, Tina Peng, Jasmine Rarogal, Yan Li Shi, Jade Young and Halee Yue; chaperones Atsuko Kiuchi and Yukiko Kozuma; and state Senate representative Keval.