Bob Gluck

Bob Gluck was a prominent Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce member.

Robert “Bob” Gluck, a former ambassador of the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce, died at the age of 67 on May 14 after a long battle with prostate cancer, according to his family.

Born in Israel on April 25, 1953, Gluck was also a military veteran, serving 21 years in the U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard, and the Army Reserve. He retired from the latter organization as a captain.

In addition to his military service, Gluck worked as a financial advisor with Primerica Financial Services, and he was a member of the Elk Grove Rock Stars Chapter of Business Network International.

Gluck and his wife, Cindy, moved from the Santa Rosa area to Elk Grove 24 years ago.

Shortly after his arrival in this city, Gluck joined the Elk Grove Chamber.

Angela Perry, president/CEO of the Elk Grove Chamber, praised both Gluck and his wife, Cindy, for their Chamber service.

“(Gluck) was a constant ambassador for the Chamber, both officially and honorary,” she said. “He and his wife, Cindy were always the first to volunteer for anything the Chamber needed, and he was present at nearly every event in the past 10 years.

“He was on several committees and lent his advice and knowledge to many of the Chamber’s programs and services for which we are eternally grateful.”

Kevin Spease, the immediate past chair of the Elk Grove Chamber, also expressed appreciation for Gluck’s dedication to the Chamber.

“When I think of Bob Gluck, I think of someone who was a fantastic advocate for the Chamber,” he said. “He was always there with a bright smile and a warm handshake for people who were coming to visit. He loved the Chamber. He was devoted to the Chamber.”

Gluck’s activities extended beyond his work with the Elk Grove Chamber. He was also a member of the board of directors for the Boy Scouts for Northern California.

Gluck, who was a Boy Scout during his youth, additionally established a small fundraiser breakfast for the Boy Scouts in Elk Grove. That event evolved into a main event for the Northern California Boys Scouts.

Elk Grove resident Eugene Murray, who serves as scoutmaster of the all-girls Boy Scout Troop 007G, said that he occasionally received advice from Gluck.

“(Gluck) was very involved in Scouting; he believed in Scouting very, very much,” he said. “He supported it, and he always supported me in my Scouting activities.

“(Gluck) was an individual involved in Scouting that a Scouter could call upon, how to approach things. I could bounce things off of him related to Scouting. He was a very dedicated individual.”

Dave Head, who served with Gluck in the Army Reserve, spoke fondly about his former military friend.

“Our lives were very different from each other (in the civilian world), but we had a connection in the Army that only another soldier can understand,” he said. “We shared times that were sometimes difficult, often fun, and always times to remember.

“Those shared experiences, along with the experiences I have shared with many aging soldiers, are a big part of me that I will take with me until they play, ‘Taps’ one last time for me. Bob, I salute you, a soldier and a friend. May God watch over you.”

Cindy told the Citizen that prior to her husband’s birth, his parents, Alex and Martha, emigrated from Hungary to Haifa, Israel.

After spending the first 6 years of his life in Israel, Gluck moved with his family to the United States when he was 6 years old. He grew up in Strasburg, Penn., and he attended Penn State University for a short time before he enlisted in the Air Force.

Gluck met Cindy in 1991 and they married 9 years later. She mentioned that she and her husband were dedicated to archery, with the Lodi Bowman Archery Club.

That activity led Gluck’s efforts toward establishing an outdoor archery range in an Elk Grove park. However, that project was later abandoned due to his health issues.

As a constant leader and educator, Gluck also used his knowledge in the field of finance, to teach students about that subject at local schools.

He also served as a teacher’s aide, teaching children about computers at Archoe School in Herald for 12 years.

Cindy described her husband as one who enjoyed leading and assisting others.

“He retired a captain, he was a leader, he liked teaching people, he liked being involved,” she said. “That’s just who he is.”

Gluck is survived by Cindy, four children and 10 grandchildren, a brother and other family members in Israel and Hungary.

Due to the practicing of social distancing related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a graveside service, with 10 people, was recently held at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon.

Cindy mentioned that a celebration of life event for Gluck will be held in the future.

Donations can be made in his name to the Wounded Warrior Project.