Yard Sale from Louis Silveira: “The Elk Grove Historical Society’s annual Yard Sale being held Sept.17-20 is going to be the biggest sale we have ever had! It seems during this COVID situation people staying home have found time to clean out their closets, attics, and garages and have been kind enough to save it for the yard sale. We are overwhelmed with donations, so much that we have added an extra day to the sale, now starting on Thursday, the 17th, and we cancelled the last donation weekend of Aug. 29-30. We simply have no more room or enough volunteers to sort and price. We are so appreciative, but just can’t handle the deluge. The Yard Sale will be open all four days at the same times, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the museum grounds (the west entrance to the Elk Grove Regional Park).We are closing an hour earlier than we have in the past because of the heat. Also, in order to gain permits, we will be enforcing all COVID guidelines so don’t forget your masks. Thank you all for understanding. Come find your treasures.”

A message from Ernie Buda who recently purchased all three HHH books: “I graduated from EGHS in 1957. I attended Franklin Elementary School.  Because of family moves I started high school at San Juan, attending there for one semester and then two semesters at Galt HS before moving back into the EGHS district in the middle of my sophomore year.  My parents operated a small dairy in Sheldon on 40 acres adjacent to the school.

“In high school, I was not a serious student, not athletic, so I was not involved in HS sports. However, I did participate in the school drama program, constructing stage sets, operating the stage lighting system and having on stage presence in various parts.  I recall being in the operetta directed by musical director Milton Dick and several plays directed by George Nemetz.

“Following high school, I spent 10 years in various jobs - farm hand, gas station attendant, assembler of ground support equipment for the Titan missile program, and some years in the retail grocery and convenience store industry. For the past nearly 50 years, I have been involved in local law enforcement as a member of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. I retired from full time endeavors in 1996 at the rank of captain. I continue to work part time as a deputy sheriff/on-call.

“With my wife of 61 years, I live in Sloughhouse on 11 acres. Living in this rural setting is kind of a full circle -- rural life in Franklin and Sheldon as a kid, and now returning to much the same atmosphere.

Samantha Moorer: Dave Neves, the principal at Elk Grove Elementary School, sent me information about Samantha who is the vice principal at Charles Mack Elementary. She is a talented writer who has had stories published in many areas, including Norway. Mr. Neves tells us that Samantha was his VP a few years ago. He tells us that “Samantha is a kindred spirit who is also a very talented writer.” This is from Samantha: “Writing has always been one of my passions (besides education) and it was what encouraged me to pursue a degree in English at UC Davis.”

We in the Elk Grove Unified School District are very fortunate to have so many talented educators and administrators. And, for those who do not know, Dave Neves is also a talented musician!

Amber Tedlow and the Hilltop Cemetery – Amber became interested in Hilltop Cemetery after she attended the Society for California Archeology annual meeting in Sacramento last year. A member of the Sacramento County Cemetery Advisory Commission, Stephen Kadle, mentioned to her advisor at Sonoma State University that there was some GPR work (Ground Penetrating Radar) that needed to be done at Hilltop Cemetery.

From Amber: “I was immediately interested in this because I had just spent the whole conference attending presentations on various cemetery research within California. It was fascinating work that also highlighted the need for these historic cemeteries to be preserved as well as have their stories told and remembered. Therefore, I came in contact with the Elk Grove Cosumnes Cemetery District to see what their needs were with Hilltop and if they worked with my research goals.

“Long story short, they are looking to confirm the locations of unmarked graves within Hilltop via GPR, and I am interested in combining this technology to not only help the EGCCD out so they can open up more plots, but to also try and restore the names and the histories of those individuals in the unmarked graves so their stories can be told and not forgotten. I do not live in Elk Grove, but I’ve lived in Galt since 2016. I am originally from Bakersfield, so this whole area is new to me, so it has been fascinating to learn the history of Sacramento County and Elk Grove, during my research.

Thank you to Ernie, Dave, Samantha, and Amber for their stories!

NOTE: Condolences to the family and friends of Howard Sihner who left us recently. He was a wonderful supporter of Old Town Elk Grove!


History Happened Here, Book 1 – River, Oaks, Gold

History Happened Here, Book 2 – Fields, Farms, Schools

We the People, a Story of Internment in America

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